I would like to clarify the article in Saturday's Bulletin.  I never said the "City Sabotaged" our plans for the Carnival.  Because of the outcome it may appear to the reporter to be the case, however, that is not what I said.   We asked the City last July for permission to use Chelsea Parade for our planned Carnival this May.   We were denied because the City does not have the funds to re-seed the area after such an event, but we were offered the use of Brown Park.  Our carnival vendor had concerns about the safety of certain major rides in such a narrow space. A meeting in early February was arranged with our vendor, the Mayor, City manager, a council member, the Police Chief and the Head of Public Works.   I had heard a rumor that another group had asked to use Chelsea Parade for their fundraiser and reminded the city officials, at that meeting, that we had requested that site, and were assured that no one was granted permission.  Apparently two Council members gave permission, after our meeting with City Officials.  I heard about this while working on the Trolley last Wednesday, and found out the other Carnival was taking place less than ten days before our event.     Yes this will void our contract with our Carnival Vendor.  It is unlikely that this vendor will be willing to work in this community again.  It has also caused hurt feelings and tension with the VFW.  Yes I am heartbroken, and discouraged because of the amount of work already done and for the hope of funding our project that will support Economic development in our community and hopefully create jobs.  This is obviously not the way that businesses, developers or organizations should be treated when working with city.