The Ambulance, donated by Mike Aliano and American Ambulance, has been disassembled, the frame has been sand blasted and primed, and the enginerring team is setting up their equipment in the new facility donated by one of the Adams brothers. Mike Goldblatt has transported the Frame and has been working closely with the team. Ed Krodel is arranging for a lic. electrician to installed a needed 220V outlet, and is building the tables needed by Harry O'Keefe to construct the fiberglass Trolley body.  Dan Gross and his team have been meeting regularly working on the design and operating system.  The prep work is finally done, thanks to the 25 members of the committee, and the assemble will now be started.
Barry Shead, Nancy Gentes and Bonnie are working on fund raising after the  disappointing cancellation by Dreamland Carnivals.
Rich Pascal has done the legal work, to create an Employee Owner company that will continue to do EV Conversions.  Marge Blizard is working on their business plan. A company name has been choosen, "Green Technologies", and their Board of Directors and officers are in place.
Arturo DePablo of Izaro Motors from Madrid Spain, is planning a visit here in February to explore setting up his facility to work in conjunction/cooperation with "Green Technologies".  We are preparing for his visit.

All the volunteers who have been working on this project are exceptional people with impressive talents.  We will be adding life to our downtown, and contributing to the economic growth of our community.  I am so proud to be apart of this adventure.