It was Pres. Barry's last meeting as president.

The Club showed it's appreciation.





Reporter: Laura Hobart

Photos: Joel Etra



Presiding:  President Barry


Invocation:  Gary Young


Fellowship:  with Marie


who expounded on the subject of summer, including the little known fact that a cricket’s chirping fluctuates with changes in temperature.



  • Mike Goldblatt
  • Laura Hobart and
  • Rich Pascal


Rotary Anniversaries:

  • Mike Matera, 12 years
  • Jen Granger, 1year and
  • Gary Young, 10 years.


Rotarians with Guests:



Visiting Rotarians:

  • None



Committee co-chairs are needed for speakers and attendance and the auction committee needs members.

The Native Son/Daughter event will be on July 2nd at 12 Noon at NFA.  Please register on the club’s website.

Barry said that the Supper Club at Theresa Madonna’s home was wonderful.

The Amber Alert registered 106 kids on June 14th.

The Change of Command dinner will be held at Bella Fiore on June 25th, 6 p.m.  No noontime meeting on that day.

Bonnie spoke about Celebrate Diversity plans for this year.




Happy Dollars:  with Mike Gordon




who started it off with a dollar for the Supper Club at Theresa’s.  He asked if anyone knows the whereabouts of the club’s Amber Alert sign.

Contributors also included:

Mike Cooney for Barry and the Outstanding Leadership Award Reception, which has raised $25,000 this year, ahead of last year’s pace.





Larry said that the Amber Alert registered a girl born in NYC on 01.01.2000, a 3rd millennium baby. 




Kathleen for Barry and Jill.

Kevin for Barry and Andy and the Tigers and $1 just because.




Bonnie for Barry, for her NFA 50th reunion, and for getting an item at that event’s auction for ours.




Barry for his son who is being shipped off to Kuwait with the Army, for his daughter who is coming in from California for a week, and for his father’s 90th birthday. 




Gary for Barry’s father and son, and for Jill and Barry.  He told us about a friend in a wheelchair and how he said “his wife finally dumped him.”





Manny for Barry and a Father’s Day gathering at his place that included grandchildren.  He will be going to California, where his grandson is looking at colleges.





Bill Champagne for Jill and with a garlic breath remedy.





Andy Nollman for Jill.  He is working on the 14-15 Benefactor’s program and announced a Facebook training course on July 9th following the July 9th meeting





Jill for Bonnie, Kathleen, Barry and the entire club.  Also for one son’s graduation and the other son’s Varsity letter.





Chris for Jill and the extreme opposite reactions from his two children on school ending.  He also gave for the US win over Ghana.





Bonnie again for Jill and for her already joining the diversity committee. 



Manny with three books he has read on trips.  The first went the Mary for $15 and the second and third went to Andy for $25.





Bonnie with a pen that was made from weeping copper beach wood, the tree that was taken down at NFA.   It went to Chris for $50.





Lottery:  with Sa-on.

Mike Cooney pulled the ace!





Pres. Barry invited Manny to tell his “colorful” joke about the Queen of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury touring her stables.  Our sense of smell was certainly evoked.




Larry told another that I didn’t get down except for something about a missing wife at the beach. 




Barry read an acknowledgment letter from Bob Farwell for the club’s sponsorship of Evening with an Author at Otis Library.  He also read a letter from a Schwartz Manor resident.  Barry recalled his first Rotary meeting with a tomato soup mishap, which Gary was kind enough to announce when Barry was introduced for the first time.


Barry went over the many new club initiatives that were implemented during 2013-14, as well as existing projects of our club.  He thanked the Board and all of the members for their support during this past year and received a huge, well-deserved round of applause for his service as President. 




Pres. Barry led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.