Reporter: Jim Konrad


Presiding: President Jim O’Shea


Invocation: Keith Caplet


Fellowship: Nancy Gentes, with the top 10 signs that you are overdue for a vacation


Club anniversaries: Bob Adams and Nancy Gentes, both 7 years on July 13.


Guests: Michael Gualtieri, with Jim O’Shea.


Visiting Rotarians: Gretchen Marvin (Colchester) and Brian Amey (Newtown).


Announcements: There are Foundation meetings on July 21 in Westport and July 28 in Deep River. Talk to Jim O’Shea if you would like to attend.


Gary Young updated the golf tournament, which will be held Sept. 5 at River Ridge in Griswold. He said that his goal was to the tourney, now the second-biggest fundraiser, into the club’s biggest fundraiser.


Greg Allard is looking for volunteers for the Amber Alert booth at the Big E. Many dates in mid/late September are available. Email Greg or Mike Matera if interested.


Jim O’Shea presented Michael Gualtieri from the Norwich Little League with a check for $250, raised from the pancake breakfast at the season opener. Jim hopes to do more events with Little League.


Larry Fowler had the Foundation Minute.


Happy Dollars with Mike Gordon: Mike started with $20 to celebrate his anniversary. Wendy Ladd said her son Joshua’s 10-day birthright trip to Israel changed his life. Barry Shead was happy his son made The All-Bulletin team for boys track. Larry Fowler has relatives coming from Cairo. Andy Grant was in The Bulletin (front page!) as his store celebrated its 100th anniversary. Garry Young noted that the change of command each year is the same time as his Rotary anniversary. Former President Manny Kadish said we will work as hard as we can for Jim O’Shea and his leadership team. Lottie Scott went to her nephew’s wedding in steamy Washington, D.C.


Auction: No items


Lottery: Sa-On, Bonnie and Lottie all had hearts, but no winner.


Program: District Governor Brian Amey and Assistant Governor Gretchen Marvin (from the Colchester club) made a visit. Brian congratulated the club’s 50-year Rotarians – Ivan Martin, Cliff Wilson and Ed Seder. He also talked about his goals for 2012-13 and his theme for the state – “Lighten the Burden for Others.”