It's Bonnie, our newest fellowship leader!




Reporter: Joel Etra 


Presiding: Pres. Larry

Invocation: Jim Konrad
Fellowship: Bonnie Hong with some food trivia
  • Maria Miranda, 1.29, 2o years
  • Bob Farwell, 1.31, 5 years
Rotarians with guests: 
  • Jim Daly with Mark S?????
  • Joel Etra brought Sa-on Morse 
  • Feb 11 will be the Niantic club Gala;
  • There will be a meeting for any Rotarians interested in joining the trolley committee at 11 next Wed, 2.1 at Bella Fiore;
  • Planning committee will meet on 2.25 rom 10 to 3 at Otis see Jim

Happy Dollars with Mike Gordon with a Tastee Cake story and New London parking woes;
  • Gary Young on Frisbee pie tins and blind guy in the shower Scrubbing bubbles story;
  • Pres. Larry for his new grandson;
  • Lottie Scott is going to Georgia and SC now that Clifford's gall bladder is OK;
  • Bill Henry for snow and warm weather;
  • Kathleen Stauffer for ARCs United Way  grant;
  • Mike Goldblatts going to the Super Bowl;
  • Bonnie Hong just felt generous;
  • Andrew Nollman enjoyed BAH at Orchard Grove and hes not going to the Super Bowl;
  • Jim OShea for the Giants;
  • Mike Gordon with a football $5.
  • Jim Oshea
  • Andrew Nollman and
  • Barry Shead
couldnt find that ace.
 Njghtof Givinvg review with Tom Adams.