Ben Hong and Paul Madonna may have thought that they were just getting a trip to New Orleans when they accompanied Bonnie and Theresa to the Convention, but the Rotarians had other ideas.


They were put to work helping the 19,000+ Rotarians from around the world find their way to the workshops, lunches, and Plenary Sessions

held at the Convention Center.              THANK YOU to our Volunteer Rotary Guides.

Both Theresa and Bonnie found inspiration and ideas while meeting Rotarians from around the world.  They enjoyed the foods of New Orleans and the wonderful Jazz.  But it was not all play.  Bonnie was asked to join a forum of 20 other Rotarians to discussed the image of Rotary and changes that should be made.  At one Plenary session both Theresa and Bonnie had concerns about the direction that is being pursued by the some of the current leadership.
These issues are important and will be discussed at the club level.  It is one reason why our voices need by be heard at the district and International level.