What your Contribution can do! $60.00 to the RI FOUNDATION= 100 children Immunized against polio. $100.00 to the RI FOUNDATION = 200 posters promoting Immunization. $250.00 to the RI Foundation = 500 aprons to identify health workers, volunteers and vaccinators. $500.00 to the RI Foundation = 4,000 finger markers to identify children immunized and $1,000.00 = 700 Vaccine Carriers. It is really amazing what we can do, we are so close to eradicating POLIO. Please, try to do what you can do. OUR GOAL:" EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR"(EREY), all you need to do is donate $25.00 to be counted. We can do it TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larry Fowler