The Norwich Tech Interact pet drive benefiting the CT Humane Society in Waterford finishes up today! You can tell we have some animal lovers in this building, the response has been amazing!! 
Carpentry held on to their early lead and will have extra points towards field day and a party for their shop! Thank you to all the staff members and students who donated. Hopefully, those animals feel a little NT love come tomorrow afternoon when the Interact students drop off the supplies and tour the facility!
Points per shop
1.       Carpentry-2170
2.       HBC-1815
3.       Culinary-740
4.       Health Tech-675
5.       Electrical-450
6.       HVAC-430
7.       Biotech-411
8.       Auto-300
9.       MME-200
10.   Graphics-170
11.   Plumbing-155
12.   EEE-145