Norwich Native Son/Daughter Award

Presented by  The Norwich Rotary Clubs & The Woman’s City Club of Norwich     Purpose:  The purpose of the Native Son/Daughter Award is to recognize outstanding achievements by Norwich Connecticut natives who reached those achievements while living outside the Norwich area.

Eligibility:   1. Nominees must have:  a. Been either born in Norwich or to parents who were residents of Norwich at the time of the nominee’s birth, and   b. Lived in Norwich during most of his/her life through high school.

Persons who were born to parents residing in a bordering town at the time of that person’s birth may also be nominated, providing all of the following criteria are met in full:

• Nominee moved into Norwich before beginning first grade, and   • Continued to reside in Norwich through high school

2. Nominee must also agree to receive the award in person at the Native Son/Daughter Award Luncheon at the Holiday Inn in Norwich early May


Application form is on the Website