The Norwich Rotary honored Joe Ruffo who retired as the City Comptroller


Honoring Joe Ruffo

September 18, 2013

   I met Joe Ruffo about 5 years ago at his office. I was visiting City Treasurer Brian Curtain, when he asked if I wanted to meet the City Comptroller. As we talked with Joe, it seemed to me that he was a very serious person, and I should be serious and not try to joke around as I normally may do. We were discussing all of the road construction on Salem Turnpike, and how it was an adventure for our customers to stop in. Joe said he had an idea on how to improve business at the branch. He said he’d redirect the road through our drive through. We all laughed and at that point I realized what a great sense of humor he possessed.

   Joe’s education:

M.B.A.  Bryant University, 1987.  Major:  Management

B.S.  University of Hartford, 1970.  Major:  Accounting

   He joined the City as Deputy Comptroller in January 1987, and rose to the position on Comptroller in June 1988. After many years of exemplary service to the City of Norwich, Joe retired from his position this past July. Besides his sense of humor, Joe is known for his fairness, thoroughness, and following his principles while performing his duties. Under the direction of Comptroller Joseph Ruffo the City of Norwich Finance Department has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting every year since fiscal year 1992-1993, the city’s annual budget document has received the GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award every year since fiscal year 2000-2001 and Norwich has achieved double-A ratings from the three major ratings agencies in their most recent reviews of Norwich’s credit.

   Joe has always gone above and beyond in his service to the citizens of the City of Norwich. Rotary’s esteemed term for this is ‘Service Above Self’.

   It is my great pleasure, as President of the Norwich Rotary Club, on behalf of its members, to award you this certificate of appreciation recognizing your outstanding service to our community.


Barry N. Shead, President, Norwich Rotary Club