Posted by Bonnie Hong
Norwich Tech Rotary Interactors sponsored the food drive and their efforts were rewarding. Announce to all student today! Norwich has surpassed Grasso to take 2nd place in the competition!!! Biotech WINS it all! Nice job to all the shops/shop teachers who motivated their peers/students. Each shop contributed.  Bio Tech-382, HT-301,MME-227,Carp-204, Graphics-139, HVAC-125, Culinary-129, Plumbing-68, EEE-39, Electrical-39, HBC-39, Auto-23 
___________ PLUS

+600 points from Rotary
The food stuffs will be delivered by the Interact Club on Feb. 16th., with photos to follow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Norwich Rotary partnered with us and helped support NT’s efforts to feed the hungry and gave us 600 points!! Without their support we would have been in 3rd place!! They put us over the edge last year too! Please explain to students in both shops and academics again in closing the power in giving to those in need. Every pound of food is feeding 10 people! Thank you for your support and giving spirit. The Interact Club thanks you.