Posted by Laura Hobart on Sep 27, 2017
The season of giving begins.
Have you met our Turkey Challenge?
Presiding:  President Kathleen
Invocation:  Jim O’Shea
Fellowship:  Laura found phrases we may or may not have known were copyrighted.
Rotary Anniversaries:
Rotarians with Guests
Kathleen hosted Avi Lozano and Nelly Barilla
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Kathleen gave thanks for the Diversity Celebration/Peace Poles dedication to Bonnie, Barry, Lottie, Bob, Jim, and Hall Communications. Congrats to Old Thymes for Best Restaurant.  Joel thanked Roz too.
  • Rodney and volunteers sorted 570 coats on Saturday.  There are just under 1,100 requests for coats this year.
  • The next Club Assembly will be held on October 25th The Club Location Search Committee will give its report.
  • Club members are encouraged to email Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless with the name and contact info of proposed guest speakers. Mary or Kevin will follow up directly with all proposed guest speakers but please, no more snake charmers or ecdysiasts.
  • Kyle is working on the Bourbon Tasting every night.
  • Abby Doliver will update us on Kathleen’s bus ticket project on November 1st.
  • Rotary will be sponsoring two tables at the Madonna Place Trivial Pursuit night on November 4th. Let Nancy know if you want to participate or bring a team.
Happy Dollars:  with Rodney who thanked everyone for their help with the coats. 
Andy Grant donated to the bus tickets and had nice words for Rodney. 
Mike Cooney said that Matt went to the hospital, then to Chucky Cheese and to the Diversity celebration where he had chicken nuggets.  Mike and Jen are working on a fitness routine.
Jim Daly thanked Andrew for inviting him to the Patriots game.
Lottie congratulated Rodney for his win and said that he has not paid her for advertising his catfish.  She is proud of the Diversity event, of the Peace Poles and of the Diversity Committee. 
Bill Champagne gave for Rodney and his work with the coats, for the Diversity event, for the upcoming History Day, for the “Walktober” Calendar and for the 35 Norwich walks, including Indian Leap on the 7th at 10 am. 
Gary said that Barry was in a car accident but is okay.  He saw Karen Phillip at Stop and Shop whose house in Florida was damaged during the hurricane.  He thanked RCC for their help on the Diversity event.  Final numbers on the golf tournament will be available on 10.16.  Gary has a generator for sale for $399.  Bonnie was interested.
Bonnie gave for Mary’s Peace Pole landscaping, for our two Rotaract students from NFA, for Rodney winning and for Barry Shead who really spearheaded the Diversity event for our club.  Mike Matera thanked Rodney for coats, for his son starting soccer and for taking him to the Big E. 
Rodney thanked Mike for letting the coat project take place in the former Shoeniverse building.
Nelly and Avi gave thanks for being at our meeting and for their love of serving others.
Andrew gave for the Diversity and Peace Pole events, for the Pats game and for bus tickets.
Kathleen donated to the Thanksgiving Drive and gave thanks for all the work being done for coats.
Mike Matera
AuctionGary had golf tournament items: 
  • A Jets’ football went for $25 to Joel;
  • Summit Fitness went to Bonnie for $10; and
  • Cross Fit with tee shirt went to Bonnie for $25. 
  • An old Rotary flag went to Avi for $5.   
Lottery:  with Mike Cooney.
  •  Rodney,
  •  Avi and
  • Larry
 ...all missed the ace.
Toral Mayer from Liberty Bank came to kick off the Thanksgiving challenge.   Liberty challenges 41 clubs within its footprint to provide money to buy grocery store gift cards for individuals and families who are of low income.  The goal this year is $325,000, 25% of which represents Liberty matching funds.   Toral had posters, jar wrappers and turkey legs for our clubs to use to raise funds during the drive.  This year the Bank is offering cash incentives for early depositing of funds. 
 Avi, Nelly and Kathleen led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.