Posted by James Konrad on Sep 19, 2018
Norwich Women's City Club
Presiding: Pres. Jim Daly.
Invocation:  Jim O’Shea.
Had to be someone.
Nancy Gentes on Sept. 23.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Rotarians with guests:
Gary Young brought wife Romer Young.                                      
Visiting Rotarians:
Diversity Week Events:
Rotary does not celebrate diversity on only one day. We had events for a week. .
  • Our main event was on September 17. See photos here
  • See photos of the rededication of the Rotary Peace Poles here
  • We celebrated Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King for their work for peace at Otis Library on September 22.
Announcements: By Pres. Jim Daly.
  • The Madonna Place Trivia Contest is on Nov. 2, and slots are going fast. Get in touch with Nancy Gentes if you want to play on a Rotary team – or just to buy your own table.
  • The  Celebrate Cultural Diversity Day on Sept. 17 was an unqualified success. Thanks to Barry Shead for leading a committee that made it happen. More events were scheduled for Thursday and Friday.
  • Food packaging on Saturday, Nov. 10 at Mohegan Sun. Sign up with Jen Granger for a one-hour shift.
  • Amber Alert signup will be at theTotal Life Expo at the Sun that day as well.
Happy Dollars: with Kathleen Stauffer, who was happy to be back in town.
  • Larry Fowler had a great time at the cultural event, especially since it offered his three favorite desserts. Plus another one.
  • Mike Cooney’s son Matt is selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts.
  • Mike Matera took his son to his first major league baseball game – at Fenway Park no less.
  • Gary Young welcomed his wife, guest speaker Bonnie Levanto and claimed he had seven desserts on Monday.
  • Barry Shead talked about the Diversity event on Monday, and thanked all who helped.
  • Jim Konrad talked about his wife’s math, and the need to celebrate cultural events in the city.
  • Marie Osborne had some medical tests done, and “I passed!”
None today.
Lottery: With Jim Daly.
  • Larry Fowler
  • Nancy Gentes and
  • Jim O’Shea
…all won, then all lost. Better luck next week, and don’t forget your Rotary pin. It gets you 2-for-1 tickets.
Bonnie Levanto of the Norwich Woman’s City Club talked about the club, which began in 1927 and now has about 100 members. Monthly meetings include guest speakers, and new members are always welcome. The club meets on the third Thursday of the month at the Norwich Senior Center. Membership dues are $25 annually. The club is active in raising funds for scholarships, and awarded three scholarships worth $4,000 this past year. The group’s next event is on Oct. 5, with a wine and beer tasting at the Norwich Holiday Inn. Tickets are available at the door. And, of course, the club joins with the two Norwich Rotary clubs for the Norwich Native Son/Daughter awards.
Inspirational Quote: 
President Jim quoted JK Rowling:
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”