Who doesn't know this  guy?
Presiding:  Pres-elect Jim Daly
Invocation: Keith Caplet
Fellowship: with Bob Farwell
who noted in his fellowship that September 29th is Goose Day or “Happy Goose Day.” Happy Goose Day originated 1,500 years ago and is sometimes called Michaelmas Day.
It was created by Pope Felix “Don’t be goosing me buddy” III as a celebration for Archangel Michael. In the 15th century Michaelmas got a new purpose when the day was used as the day people paid their rent to their landowners. Oftentimes this was done with a goose and your lease was renewed for another year. Bob ended his fellowship with a quote from Ben Franklin. “What. Bring ourselves down to the Equality with the Beasts of the Field. With the meanest part of the Creation. ‘Tis insufferable.” But,(to use a Piece of common sense) our Geese are but Geese tho’ we may think ‘em Swans; and Truth will be Truth tho’ it sometimes prove mortifying and distasteful.
None, however, Bob noted it is 6 months till Bob Reed’s 60th birthday.
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Vice President Jim Daly reminded us The Celebrate Diversity event is Tuesday the 19th at Brown Park in Norwich.  
  • Club members are encouraged to give any speaker ideas to Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless.
  • Golf Tournament took place on September 6th. Full report to follow.
  • The Peace Pole Dedication is on September 18th.
  • Wednesday, September 20th there will be a Flash Mob Dance on Chelsea Parade at 2:30pm.
  • Thursday, September 21st Dennis Long will be speaking at the Otis Library at 6pm.
  • A Rotary Sponsored Bourbon Tasting is in the works for the spring.
  • Rodney Green is requesting help with the coat drive. Packers and distributors are needed.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Pres-elect Jim Daly:
Pres-elect Jim Daly started things off with a tale of finding a $5.00 bill when he and his wife Kathy were leaving the Dog Watch café. He Gave it to Happy Dollars. Also Jim thanked all involved in making the Rotary Golf Tournament a huge success.
Kevin Wickless welcomed our speakers. He also said the letter Rodney sent to the schools in support of the coat drive was distributed as his kids brought the letter home. Kevin was also pleased to announce that the projector was found.
Barry Shead said he and Bonnie appeared on the Stu Bryer Show on WICH to promote the Peace Pole and Diversity events.
Jen Granger was sorry to report that her mother-in-law died over the weekend from Alzheimer’s.
Bonnie Hong gave for Rotarians and for Mary Richardson for her expert advice on the plantings for the pole at Brown Park.
Lottie Scott gave for her recipe for Squirrel stew. She recently met with former Norwich Rotarian Booker DeVaughn. She also thinks, in reference to Bob’s Geese, that they “poop” too much.
Kyle Muenzner gave the $5.00 that he received at a recent United Way Breakfast. The $5.00 was given out to do good deeds. Also Kyle gave in honor of the Patriots.
Manny Kadish gave for Bonnie’s hard work for Rotary. Also his granddaughter has returned from South Africa and is studying for Both a Veterinarian and Master’s degree at Tufts at the same time.   
No auction but Kyle promised a good one next week.
  • Laura Hobart
  • Lottie Scott and
  • our speaker Greg
...drew cards to no avail.
Jim Daly introduced Greg and Ann from the Leffingwell Inn Museum who filled us in on all the good events going on in the upcoming months at the museum as well as some history of the museum. The Leffingwell House is unique in illustrating the development from 17th century beginnings to a mid-18th century town house. Built as a simple two room house in 1675 by Stephen Backus, the house later belonged to Thomas Leffingwell. In 1701, Thomas was granted permission to keep an Inn. Benajah Leffingwell, Thomas’ son, was also an innkeeper. The first additions to the original house were made to accommodate its use as an inn. The building descended to Christopher Leffingwell, a gentleman of utmost importance to the town and to the entire commonwealth. With his entrepreneurial skills and business connections he was invaluable as a supplier of provisions for the Revolutionary forces. Greg and Ann also brought in a few artifacts from early Norwich history featuring the actual deed for Chelsea Parade from 1791. Also, a land deed from Thomas Bliss dated 1659 and a cartoon from 1786 depicting the move of the courthouse from Norwichtown to the harbor area. 
Pres-elect Jim Daly asked Bill Champagne to close the meeting with the 4 Way Test.