Posted by Joel Etra on Sep 12, 2018
Presiding: Pres. Jim
Invocation:  Jim K
Fellowship: with Ray who brought us some groaners
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Mary Ellen Jukowski
Rotarians with guests:
Visiting Rotarians:
Kevin Ryan of the Montville Club
Announcements:  by Pres. Jim
  • We are sponsoring two teams for Nancy's Trivial Pursuit contest on Friday November 2. Contact her to be part of the fun.
  • Barry announced the events of Diversity Week with a multicultural talent show on Thursday, 9.20 and a rededication of our peace poles on Friday, 9.21.
  • The club offered thanks to all who participated and helped with our successful golf tournament.
  • The never-ending search for speakers at our meetings continues. The usual crowd of cosmonauts was rejected but we could use a bonobo trainer.
  • Food packaging on Saturday, November 10. Jen Granger reminds us that participants don’t have to bring their own food.
  • Norwich Tech career fair, October 26.
Happy Dollars: with Andy who started off by announcing that his second daughter will be getting married in two weeks.
Jim K. has a brother who plays golf in Caribou, Maine in the winter. Jim conducted an educational session on the basics of football at Otis library Wednesday evening.
Mike C. Started off with a snarky comment about the Browns. He continued with three kid stories (or was it four?). He concluded with some good news.
Kyle is off to Alabama and then Colorado.
Lottie thanked the Celebrate Diversity committee for their hard work. She encouraged people to work to help homeless teens in Norwich. She said she is finding young people who are interested in her life now that she has written her book. She also has a new appreciation for the Internet because she is making acquaintances all over the world.
Jim O' was worried about Gary who went to Myrtle Beach in the hurricane. Gary said that they left for Richmond for a few days to wait out the storm.
Larry thinks that a tie is pretty good for a team that has only won one game out of 31.
Michele offered her son cash when his team does well in football. He generously used part of his winnings to donate to a homeless person.
Bill with a 1924 calendar sparked a lively bidding war with Andy, the victor at $20
Lottery: With Bill
  • Jim O
  • Jim K
  • Joel
No winners at all.
Janice Davis of UCFS spoke on eldercare services. UCFS offers Sheltering Arms and Ross Adult Day Care.
Inspirational quote of the week was read by Pres. Jim
It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot