Posted by Laura Hobart on Oct 31, 2018
Rockin' Rotarians Bring Home the Wine at this Year's Madonna Place Trivia Contest

Presiding:  President Mr. Jim



Invocation:  Keith



Fellowship:  Barry with this date in history events




Lottie on November 5th


Rotary Anniversaries: 

  • Kyle on November 5th and
  • Kathleen on November 6th


Rotarians with Guests: 



Visiting Rotarians: 





  • Next week – back at Olde Tymes
  • Please silence cell phones
  • Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker
  • The Happy Dollars Fund is available for needy recipients.  Please contact any member of the committee
  • The Food Packaging event will be held on November 10th this year and will be a joint event with the Norwich Sunrise Rotary Club.  Contact Jen Granger for details
  • Rotary/Liberty Bank Thanksgiving Drive runs from Tuesday, October 9th through November 17th


Happy Dollars: 


Andy started it off with a donation  for Gary Young and something about tennis.



Gary gave for something about tennis, the Thanksgiving challenge, seeing Laura at the Senior Center and a marble topped chest and double kayak that are available from his recent tag sale.



Lottie for our birthday singing and for going to South Carolina to celebrate her birthday.  She has some hesitation regarding possible reactions she may receive about statements she made in her book.



Mike Gordon for Joan wanting mints after lunch in Holland where she was asked, “With or without cannabis?”



Mike Matera for his mother’s birthday (Halloween) and for his father’s (All Saints Day).



Rodney had dinner with Mike’s parents and for Joe being okay.  Rodney asked members if anyone had an extra car to sell for one of his cooks who has experienced a long string of run-ins with the law that resulted in loss of license and registration.   Now, his car’s engine has died.  Andy and Gary stepped up with personal donations.  Andy said that the Happy Dollars’ committee voted to donate $750 to help.  Part of Rodney’s mission is to hire people who need a second chance in order to get back on their feet with earned wages.



Theresa for Thanksgiving, for Lottie, for Paula Oberg and for John Gilliland.  She told Lottie that while family will not hesitate to tell us what they think, they will ultimately be there for us.



Barry  for Paula Oberg and a great lunch he shared with daughter yesterday.  He enjoyed the Norwich Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting at Norwich Tech.



Bill Champagne gave for the Historical Society’s event featuring Tom Clavin and his book, Valley Forge, which is co-authored with Bob Drury, and for Trivial Pursuit.



Kyle gave for his sister asking whether his girlfriend liked her.  She did.



Nancy invited everyone to visit Ace Hardware on Saturday from 8 am – 6 pm with a non-perishable food item.  Andy will distribute free mums in return.  Donations will benefit Madonna Place, the ARC and Bully Busters.



Mike Cooney showed up on time to the Council of Presidents meeting in New Haven on the morning after the 3rd World Series game.  He also gave for the Sox and for watching the game again with Matt before school on Monday.



Jay Waitte enjoyed the Bishop’s Red, White and Blue mass at the Cathedral. He donated the prime rib carving station for the event following the mass.



Stacey Taylor, who was in a cowboy costume, gave for her mother’s birthday and for Dime bank’s food drive at all branches and at Big Y and for Halloween.



Michelle for her partner who surprised her with a trip to Saint Kitts.



Laura gave for Paula Oberg and John Gilliland.





Lottery:  with Pres Mr. Jim Daly. 

  • Mary
  • Mary picking for Pres. Mr.  Jim and
  • Stacey

...all missed the ace.



Paula Oberg, Executive Director of Martin House, spoke to us about Martin House. Paula thanked the club for inviting her and John Gilliland, a Martin House resident, to speak.  Paula commented on Rotary history and thanked members for their support in helping to make sure that homeless adults in Norwich have a safe place to live.  Paula said that the majority of Martin House residents have or do experience a mental illness.  She explained the supports that Martin House has provided to residents since 1982 and invited members to come visit.  John told members about his struggle as a young adult with schizophrenia how Martin House has helped him change his life for the better.  He said that by being homeless, he lost people, places and things, which now he is beginning to replace.  John has been employed for 13 years and said that having a disability does not prevent him from doing everything others do.  He just has to work harder at doing it. 





Pres. Mr. Jim read a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt to close our meeting.