Posted by Laura Hobart on Oct 25, 2017
(click picture for dramatic rendition)
Presiding: President Kathleen
Invocation: Joel
Fellowship: Bob Farwell spoke about the 163rd anniversary of the “Charge of the Light Brigade.” He even tried to read it but the members drew the line there but if you want to hear it, click picture above.
Rodney on the 30th
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • Mike Cooney with four years and
  •  Jay Ginsberg with two
Rotarians with Guests:
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Pres. Kathleen updated us on disaster relief efforts. To date, we have collected over $17,000 district-wide. These funds will be forwarded to the Rotary Club of Rockport, Texas. Rotary International has established four donor designated funds to provide targeted assistance to communities impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria as well as earthquakes in Mexico.
  • The Thanksgiving Challenge is ongoing. Liberty’s matching deadlines are November 3rd and 17th.
  • Rodney provided a coat update, which totals some 1,080 this year. Last week Rotarians sorted and bagged 810 coats in two hours at Shoeniverse. He thanked Mike Matera for loaning the space to the Club.
  • The Trolley Committee will meet at 11 am on November 1st. Nancy and Kyle are applying for a matching grant.
  • Kyle reported on the success of the dictionary project. He thanked Jen for help from UCFS.
  • The Club is sponsoring two tables for Madonna Place’s Trivial Pursuit on November 3rd. Bonnie still has room at her table.
Happy Dollars: with Nancy who gave for being a Rotarian, for the coat meeting and the dictionary project. She also gave for Lottie who has won the Liberty Bank Diversity Award.
Jen gave for the dictionary project and for the thank you poster and thank you cards from students at Stanton Elementary School.
Jim O’Shea’s in-laws moved their trailer from Rockport to his sister’s home in New Orleans just before the hurricane hit. He saw Deb Monahan at Stop and Shop who gave $20 for the eponymous challenge.
Pres. Kathleen  thanked the Club.
Michele thought she would have a break in her son’s sports schedule, but his team made the play-offs.
Mike Cooney gave for coats, dictionaries and for Katie’s snuggling. He took Matt rock climbing last weekend.
Bonnie arrived at the meeting after she attended a pasta lunch with the Bully Busters and gave because she is just happy.
Theresa gave for the challenge and asked if anyone knew of a car for sale for her client living on Social Security whose 25-year-old car broke down.
Rodney gave for the transportation fund, for Mike’s space and for his upcoming trip to Bangkok.
Lottie for the challenge and enjoyed her trip to Washington where she visited the African American Museum with family. She also gave for the current NAC exhibit.
Mike Matera is grateful  for Kathy, Larry and Rich who helped with an Amber Alert. Mike’s son turned five and Mike recommended that parents buy toys that they are interested in themselves.
Lottery: with Rich
  • Michele
  •  Laura and
  • Bonnie
...failed to turn up the ace.
Program: The Club Assembly focused on the Location Committees’ report by Jim Daly. Kathleen thanked Jim, Mike and Kyle for their work on our behalf. Committee members have researched possible alternative locations for our luncheon meeting. The best solution seems to be waiting for an appropriate space to be finished at the Marriott Courtyard that is scheduled to open up next spring. They will provide lighter fare for $15 per person. We will continue to meet at Bella Fiore and pay an additional $40 facility fee on our next dues billing. It was agreed that our club needs to step up new member recruitment.
Kathleen led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.