Posted by Bob Reed on Oct 24, 2018
Presiding:  Pres. Mr. Jim Daly
Invocation: Gary Young
Dear Lord, as the days grow shorter and colder
We give thanks for the chance to grow a day older
Serving others and serving you
Being fair and honest in all that we do
When folks see us traveling all over town
They should see us smiling, rarely a frown
And when they ask why we’re having so much fun
We say cause “giving back is getting it done”
We say helping out now is better than later
Did you see the smile on that third grader?
Putting a dictionary in his hand
You’d think he was given 50 acres of land
And let’s not forget winter will be here soon
Which is why last wednesday right before noon
We took on that coat project and shared a meal
A round of applause for Rodney and Lucille
And remember September- the golf tournament
And a few days later the cultural diversity event
People coming together is good for the soul
But it’s way more than dedicating a new peace pole
You see when you get to wake up each morn
Think of why God let you be born
Was it to be selfish-why you’ve got the nerve
No, it was to ask every day “How can we serve”
And now let’s give thanks for the usual stuff
For the food and the fellowship always more than enough
And until we get together again
Let’s praise the Lord and say “Amen.”
To see the video, click HERE
Fellowship: with Laura Hobart who spoke about the United Nations in honor if UN Day. The United Nations was chartered in 1945. Just recently the organization held a conference on the “Rights of the Child” that focused on health, disabilities, migration, education and clean water.
Rodney Green - October 30th
  • Gary Young introduced Laura Harrington
  • Joel Etra introduced Roz Etra
Kevin Ryan from Montville Rotary
  • President Mr. Jim Daly thanked Matt Biggins from the Courtyard Marriott for taking the club in during the search for a new meeting place. Bella Fiore’s fire damage looks to be more extensive than thought and the club will have to find a new meeting place. The October 31st meeting will be held at the Courtyard Marriott. The November 7th meeting will be at Olde Tymes and the November 14th and 21st meetings will be back at the Courtyard Marriott. The November 28th will be at the Holiday Inn Express as it’s the Annual Lunch for the Norwich Student’s to receive their Superintendent’s Awards. December 5th will be at Olde Tymes and the rest of December will be at the Courtyard Marriott.
  • The Food Packaging Event will take place at the Uncas Ballroom at the Mohegan Sun on November 10th. Volunteers needed for the 2 shifts 9:30am to 10:30am and 10:30am to 11:30am.
  • Amber Alert will also be taking place on November 10th at the Total Life Expo at the Mohegan Sun. See Mike Matera if you can help out.
  • The Rotary/Liberty Bank Thanksgiving Challenge is in effect between now and Thanksgiving. Members are asked to give $20.00 and Liberty bank will match 25 cents on the dollar.
Happy Dollars: with Rodney Green
Rodney gave $20.00 for the Liberty Challenge and thanked Rotarians for their help with the coat project.
Laura Hobart gave $20.00 for the Liberty Challenge and welcomed Laura Harrington. She also thanked Bill Champagne for his efforts in protecting the Norwichtown Burial Ground.
Pres. Mr. Jim Daly gave $20.00 for the Liberty Challenge and wished the Red Sox well in the World Series.
Gary Young welcomed Laura Harrington.
Bill Champagne showed us the full page ad from The Bulletin thanking Lottie Scott for all her work in the community and for her recent award.
Laura Harrington informed the club that the Rotary Community Corps would like to enter a float in the Norwich Winterfest Parade with a Harbor Fire theme.
Barry Shead congratulated Lottie on the award she received in Hartford. He also welcomed Laura Harrington, told Matt Biggins he hoped the club will make the Courtyard its permanent meeting location and thanked Bill Champagne for his efforts with the burial ground.
Susy Hurlbert was sad to inform the club that a close friend passed away recently and happy about an ECAR Event.
Stan Lucas gave $20.00 for the Rotary/Liberty Challenge and wished Rodney a Happy Birthday. Stan also congratulated Lottie. Stan just returned from a cruise to Southeast Asia that was both good and bad at times. Stan is also selling his office building in Norwich. Stan’s 5 year old grandson found a live bullet on the playground of his school. He turned it in to the Principal and the school awarded him with a free lunch every day till the end of the year.
Andy Grant gave $20.00 for the Rotary/Liberty Challenge. Wished Rodney a Happy Birthday and congratulated Lottie.
Mike Gordon gave $20.00 for the Rotary/Liberty Challenge, wished Rodney a happy birthday, and thanked Lottie for all she does. Mike just returned from London and Amsterdam and has the bad knee to prove it from all the walking he and Joan did.
Mike Cooney gave for his daughter who had a coughing fit during the Red Sox game. He also gave for the guest speaker Joe Kierwiak from the Boy Scouts of America.
Mike Matera thanked Lottie for all she does and her award. Mike’s son just turned six and they had an outdoor party and the weather was cold and rainy. Lots of Lego’s took the dampness away however.
Bob Farwell gave $20.00 for the Liberty Challenge. Bob thanked Lottie. Thanked Bill for all his efforts with the Norwichtown Burial Ground. Bob also informed us that eastern Europe is alive and well with capitalism seeing there seemed to be a Burger King, Subway and a Starbucks on every corner.
Andrew Nollman gave to say GO SOX.
Marie Osborne said she was seeing a new doctor to deal with her condition and was hoping for a good result.
Lottie Scott gave $20.00 to thank everyone for their well wishes. She thanked Bill Champagne and Barry Shead for coming up to Hartford for her award presentation.
Lottie informed everyone she is also now a Great, Great Grandmother.
Jay Waitte gave for Lottie and was happy his son is back in the states from his deployment overseas. His son also was awarded an Air Combat Medal.
Joel Etra attended his granddaughter Ava’s Birthday celebration in New Jersey.
 Jay Ginsberg auctioned off a 1,500mg bottle of CBD Oil worth $149.99. Susy Hurlbert walked away with a great deal for $40.00.
Lottery: with Barry Shead
  • Laura Harrington
  •  Gary Young and
  • Roz Etra
...all drew cards to no avail; no winner.
Guest Speaker:
Joe Kierwiak form the Boy Scouts of America was scheduled to speak but the 1:30 adjourn time was already upon us and he agreed to return on another date when he would have ample time for his presentation. Thank you Joe for understanding.
Pres. Mr. Jim Daly ended the meeting at 1:30pm.