Posted by Joel Etra on Oct 10, 2018
Presiding: Pres. Mr. Jim
Invocation:  Bary
Fellowship: with Barry who introduced some baseball ugliness into our otherwise collegial atmosphere..
  • Keith
  • Paul
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Rotarians with guests:
Visiting Rotarians
Announcements:  by Pres. Mr. Jim
  • You can still get in on Nancy's Trivial Pursuit event
  • The unending quest for guest speakers continues. Please, no more steeple jacks.
  • Dictionary Project, see Kyle for details
  • Food packaging is on November 10. See Jen to get in on the fun.
  • On 10.26, there’s a career fair at Norwich Tech.
Happy Dollars: with  Jen who started off with a reminder about the $20 challenge to support the Rotary/Liberty Bank Thanksgiving food drive. She then went on to tell a loon story.
Gary Announced his yard sale that must have taken place this past weekend. We hope he did well.
Rodney told that old  Mel Famie joke.
Lottie thanked the Bulletin for its participation in disabilities week.
Nancy with $20 for the Thanksgiving challenge. She also added some kind of nonsense about the Red Sox.
Kathleen put in her $20. She said she was torn between the Yankees and the Red Sox. She recently went to a Red Sox game with the wife of your editor. A fan caught a ball and threw it back onto the field.
Suzie got to visit her brother in Canada for Thanksgiving. She feels good about renting out her villa to a transgendered Navy person.
Jim K noted that he was the other loon out on Red Cedar Lake. He thanked Rodney for allowing us to have our meeting in Olde Tymes today. He suggested that instead of silencing cell phones, anyone who’s phone rings during a meeting should pay a fine to the club. He finished by congratulating the Red Sox fans and reminding them that way goes around comes around.
None today
Lottery: With Rich
All the action took place in the back so I have no idea who was involved. I know it wasn’t me [ed.]
Program: Jen Maggio from Ledge Light Health for Aliance for Living about opioid addiction and treatment.
The Four Way Test: was not led by Pres. Mr. Jim who instead delivered an inspirational quote which we failed to record.