Posted by Bob Reed on Nov 08, 2017
Presiding:  Pres. Kathleen Stauffer
Invocation: Kathy Croteau
Fellowship: with Nancy Gentes who started by thanking all the Veterans in the club for their service and asked them to stand and be recognized. The Trivial Pursuit Challenge to benefit Madonna Place had to be rescheduled due to a water main break in Bozrah and will be played on December 8th. Keeping in the theme of trivia, Nancy had some “Amazing Facts” we may have not known about. Just a few she mentioned were that an Avocado never ripens while still hanging on the tree. Queen Elisabeth II is a trained auto mechanic and in Japan it’s good luck to have your children photographed with Sumo wrestlers.
Christine Baker, speaker from QC Home Care
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Don’t forget to participate in the Thanksgiving Challenge. We are $500.00 behind last year.
  • The Rotary Golf Tournament will be played on September 5th, 2018.
  • The Trivial Pursuit Challenge will now be on December 8th. Let Nancy Gentes know if you are interested in playing for the Rotary Club.
  • Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker you would like to propose.
  • The PREZ Project $378/November
Special Presentation: Barry Shead presented Rodney Green of Olde Tymes with the People’s Choice Award from the Diversity Event that took place in September.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Andy Grant:
Andy kicked thing off with the good news that his daughter is engaged to be married.
Kevin Wickless said the new Interact Club will be meeting at NFA.
Barry Shead gave $20.00 for the Thanksgiving Challenge and in honor for the Vets for Veterans Day.
Laura Hobart announced that the Battle of the Pans will be taking place on November 17th at Three Rivers College from 5:30 to 7:30. Also if you need great dry cleaning that is eco-friendly go to Ginny Kin on West Town Street.
Mike Cooney walked 3 miles to go vote for a former scout in the recent election.
Rodney Green told a story of a recent trip he made to Bangkok. He started from Newark, NJ airport to Tokyo. Got in late and missed the connection so they had to spend the night there. Went into downtown Tokyo to have dinner and never returned to the airport until 5:15 in the morning because everything closes, even the airport and taxi cabs. Finally got a flight to Bangkok and it took 2:45 minutes to get to his hotel from the airport. The eight-lane highway was bumper to bumper.
Larry Fowler gave $20.00 for the Thanksgiving Challenge.
Jim Daly gave $20.00 for the Thanksgiving Challenge.
Kathleen Stauffer passed out invite cards to all members to invite prospective members to a lunch meeting.
No Auction
  • kathy Croteau
  • Gary Young
  • Stan Lucas
drew cards. No winner.
Program: Kathleen Stauffer introduced Christine Baker of QC Home Care. Christine explained about the adult undergarment bank her business provides. DUB4U is about those who can't afford disposable undergarments and discreetly finding a way to get people what they need without feeling uncomfortable. She said as you go through and share your experience and need for our services, we want you to know we support those with incontinence with respect and privacy. All information is confidential and never shared. Our mission is to support those in need of incontinence wear; without discrimination of age, sex or religion. We want to start a conversation about incontinence, understand the growing need for support, to not feel alone, ashamed or embarrassed by having incontinence issues. Know that the struggle is real for the need of products and support across the state. DUB4U is devoted its energy to passionately advocating, educating and supporting those about the need of incontinence products. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money, time and incontinence products.
 President Kathleen Stauffer closed the meeting reciting the 4 Way Test.