Posted by Bob Farwell on Nov 29, 2017
Presiding: Pres-elect Jim
Invocation: Larry Fowler
Fellowship: Barry Shead introduced the club to anecdotes about smart people being dumb. Muffled guffaws rippled through the audience.
Birthdays:  Larry Fowler
Rotarian Anniversaries:
None sighted
Rotarians with guests:
Bonnie Hong introduced Jose Perez.
Visiting Rotarians:
  •  Jack Solomon, District Governor, 2019-2020, East Hampton CT. Club;
  • Alan Hurst, District Governor, 2005-2006, East Hampton CT.  Club;
  • Trish Pearson, District Governor, 2016-2017.
Announcements:  By Pres-elect Jim
  • Jim reminded all of the the Madonna Place Trivial Pursuit tournament at the Bozrah Moose Lodge.
  • Jim O’Shea and Andy Nollman reported on ideas for enhancing membership: Cards are available to invite prospective members to lunch at no charge; members who wear their pin to meetings will receive an extra lottery ticket and raise club visibility. Members were encouraged to develop a personal “elevator speech” to explain concisely the benefits of membership. Invitations were placed on each table for use in recruiting new members.
A thorough search revealed none.
  • Jack Solomon and Alan Hurst presented Jerry Lowney with the Donald MacRae Peace Award.  This is an award presented to recognize and honor an individual or organization for outstanding achievement in international service. Jerry remarked on the critical role of Rotary in his successful endeavors in Haiti.
  • District Governor Pearson presented a corrected proclamation proclaiming Norwich a City of Peace and lauded Bonnie for her pivotal role in achieving that status.
Happy Dollars: With Jen Granger.
Jen wished everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving
John Bolduc was ecstatic that everyone paid his or her dues.
Gary thanked Bonnie for her work on behalf of the club and congratulated Jerry on the receipt of the Donald MacRae Award.
Jerry thanked the club for their service to the community and apropos of Barry’s fellowship presentation, related an anecdote from a Fall River city council meeting (don’t junk the old fire trucks, send ‘em to the false alarms!)
Barry offered panegyrics on behalf of Bonnie and Jerry.
Mike Cooney confirmed that Matt no longer hates cranberry sauce that Katie wore faux reindeer antlers and was good except when she had a tantrum.
Andy Nollman proclaimed that his favorite weekend was imminent.
Gary returned to share a knock knock joke that incited moans and cries of pain.
District Governor Trish assessed Gary’s joke as corny but refrained from demanding an apology to those assembled.
Past President Kevin dangled a highly prized bag of coffee beans before the club. After a moment of reflection, Bonnie offered the winning bid.
 Lottery: with Jim Daly.
Despite a general air of optimism and a chorus of platitudes
  • Governor Trish
  • Larry Fowler and
  • Gary Young
all failed to select the winning card. A mournful silence enveloped the room.
Bonnie, in her capacity as Rotary Foundation representative shared the video “People of Action” and emphasized the importance of supporting its goals and objectives. She enumerated the many local successes attributable to the foundation, exemplified by the Rose Garden, Mahan coat fund,  and the Greeneville playground. Our donation makes a difference to those who need our help most. More than 90 percent of donations go directly to supporting our service projects around the world. An estimable result.
The Four Way Test: With Pres-elect  Jim