Posted by Joel Etra on Nov 21, 2018
Presiding: Pres. Mr. Jim
Invocation: Jim O'
Fellowship: with. Jim O' and some Thanksgiving history
Bonnie who had her surgery but some complications required additional surgery. She is recovering in ICU. We sang the birthday song for her even though she wasn’t here.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
  • Larry Fowler, 24 years
  • Kevin Wickless, 7 years
Rotarians with guests:
Mike brought Matt
Visiting Rotarians:
Announcements:  by Pres. Mr. Jim
  • Next week we will be distributing the CAPSS Awards at the holiday Inn.
  • Rotary pins with the new theme, Be the Inspiration, have been distributed.
  • As usual we are looking for guest speakers. It is not clear how we keep losing them but we continue to search.
  • $1,600 has been raised through the Rotary/Liberty Bank challenge. A $35 gift card will be distributed to each of the 48 units at Schwartz Manor.
Happy Dollars: with  Rodney
Who led off with coat news. We  bought 1170 coats for $21,000. One of the parents gave us a $25 donation. He also had some news about his chef who we helped with a happy dollars donation.
Pres Mr. im wished everybody a happy Thanksgiving and thanks Rodney for his hard work. He is looking forward to seeing his new grandson this weekend.
Kyle brought $10 from his dad who asked him to remind the club members how much there is to be thankful for.
Kathleen agreed that Rodney accomplished a great deal with the coats. She thanked Andrew for doing a fundraiser for Madonna Place. She enjoyed the builders and remodelers event with Ray Baribeault. She is thankful that the club "put up“ with her presidency and wished him good luck with his.
Mike C. and Matt thanked the club for buying popcorn. Mike found a biography of John Blackmar and read it to us.
Susie had a good time at the builders and remodelers event with our Rotary friends. She has to say goodbye to her 16-year-old cat, Ernie. She invited the club to attend the ECAR raffle event and to apply for a grant from the proceeds.
Jenn is headed to Sedona to celebrate her anniversary.
Mike G. Wished everybody a happy Thanksgiving and thanked Rodney for his hard work on the coat project. He and Joan will be enjoying Meat Loaf night before Thanksgiving with a friend.
Andy had warm thoughts for his fellow Rotarians.
Lottie had to go to the hospital with her son and while she was there she met one of her trainees from her sexual harassment training days 23 years ago.
None today; somebody better be on the lookout for Kyle.
Lottery: With Rich
  • Jim O
  • John
  • Joel
…all blew it
Some of us just shop on Amazon, Rich actually went there.
Click here to see his pictures.
The Four Way Test: was not led by Pres. Mr. Jim who instead delivered this inspirational quote:
The best way to make your dreams come true; wake up.
—Muhammad Ali