Posted by Bob Farwell on Nov 01, 2017
Presiding: Mike Cooney, Esq.
Invocation: Gary Young
Fellowship: Ray enlightened those assembled with engaging facts regarding Daylight Savings. The main purpose of Daylight Saving Time (called "Summer Time" in many places in the world) is to make better use of daylight. We change our clocks during the summer months to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. We are better people for it.
Lottie Scott!
Rotarian Anniversaries:
  • Kyle Muenzer and
  • Kathleen Stauffer.
Rotarians with guests:  
Silence ensued
Visiting Rotarians:
A thorough search and several phone calls revealed none.
Announcementsby Mr. Cooney.
  • A concise list included exhortations to support the Thanksgiving Challenge and the President Kathleen’s special project,
  • Our presence--two tables worth!--at Madonna Place’s Trivial Pursuit event.
  • Our next speaker is Christine Baker, who will focus her presentation on restorative practices, including respect, empathy and listening.  
  • Kyle offered a summary of the very successful dictionary distribution. Kyle also shared several letters from recipients who were already engaged in using new and fascinating words.  Defenestration could be one of them.   
None emerged
Not today
Happy Dollars: With Barry Shead who is recently returned from his screen test in California and a visit with his daughter.
Mike donated a bag of candy for Happy Dollar participants.
Barry compared his daughter’s garage to an automobile museum.
Laura H. offered funds for the president’s project lauded Joel for his patience and good citizenship and extolled the forthcoming Battle of the Chefs at TRCC for TVCCA.
Kevin W. alerted members of the forthcoming Colchester club’s membership drive and offered encomia for Mike C. and Abby Dolliver.
Gary Y. has guests visiting from Tennessee.
Bill C. reported that despite losing power his domicile’s internal temperature was a balmy 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
Abby was happy to be among us and applauded the club’s many virtues.
Andy N. admitted that he was in line just to get a piece of candy and to acknowledge Abby’s presence.
Erin G. greeted Abby, as did Gary Young.
Mike C. announced that their power was restored, Matt was indifferent although Katie did not like the outage, but both enjoyed Trick or Treating.  
Mike C. displayed an attractive and versatile I-Phone case replete with many desirable features. After frenetic bidding, Kevin W. emerged victorious with a $7 bid.
Lottery: with Bill C.
  • Barry-No!
  • Cathy C. - Nay!
  •  Larry…Yea!
A spontaneous chorus of huzzahs echoed through the hall. Several members were briefly left speechless but soon recovered.
Norwich Public Schools Superintendent Abby Dolliver briefly assessed the status of the NPS. Salient facts included a population of 3,600 in grades K-8, with projections of stable or increased numbers in the near future. Eighteen percent of students are English language learners; nine are recently displaced from Puerto Rico. There are 23 homeless students, and approximately 30% move during the year.  Seventy-five percent of NPS students are eligible for free or reduced price meals. Mahan School recently earned a national Blue Ribbon Achievement Award and two middle schools are scheduled to become magnet schools. 
The Four Way Test: Led by Erin
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