Posted by Joel Etra on May 23, 2018
Our Annual Visit to the Rose Garden
Presiding: President Kathleen
Invocation: Rodney
Fellowship: Nancy Gentes shared “My Nursing Home Journey” from Teen Ink, A national teen magazine book series and web site for teen writing, articles and forums.
  • Andy Grant
  • Mike Matera
Rotarian Anniversaries:
None sighted
Rotarians with guests: A plethora of guest!  
  • Roz joined Joel
  • John Bolduc introduced Suzy Hurlbut
  • Rodney was joined by Lucille
  • Jim Daly by Donna (?)
  • Gary Young introduced Shiela Hayes.
  • Numerous members of the NFA and Norwich Tech Interact Clubs were in attendance.
Visiting Rotarians:
A brief survey revealed none.
Announcements:  by President Kathleen
  • The United Way Food Drive is June 1; bring items to the meeting.
  • The next Diversity Day meeting is June 11.
  • Native Son May 30 at the Holiday Inn.
  • Val/Sal June 13.
  • Change of Command June 20.
  • Rotary District Conference is scheduled for June 1-3 in Burlington, VT.
  • Culture for Coats raised over $2,500.
  • Golf tournament is September 5;
  • At Bella Fiore, do not use your cell phone near the doorway or in the rain. Elsewhere nobody seems to care
None received, none sent
Happy Dollars: With Andy Grant
 Andy wished great success for the carnival
Michele  welcomed all the guests with a special welcome for her niece;
Rodney gave a special acknowledgment to Lucille and a tip of the hat to the Interact Club and his great granddaughter.
Larry spoke warmly of Interact and allowed that this is his favorite luncheon.
Gary welcomed all those in attendance.
Sheila did likewise.
Mike Cooney, assisted by Katy, welcomed everyone
President Kathleen was enthusiastic about the number of young people in attendance and the food.
Barry welcomed Shelia, Roz, and the Interact Club.
Mike M. loves the food and location and his new phone.
Jay presented a special hemp product and lauded its benefits. Suzy Hurlbut’s bid of $40 went uncontested.
 With no lottery, there were no winners or losers. Those present meditated on this and its implications.
Members of Rotaract- Ryan Rogers, Tyler Caruso and Kristen Foster- were introduced and spoke at length about benefits accruing to them from participation in the Rotaract program.
The Four Way Test:
Despite the absence of a teleprompter, the test was recited flawlessly.