Posted by Bob Farwell on Mar 28, 2018

Presiding: President elect Jim Daly


Invocation: Rodney
Ray regaled a rapt audience with a comprehensive history of Peeps. Peeps are marshmallow candies, sold in the United States and Canada that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals. There are also different shapes used for various holidays. Not to be confused with perps, which is shorthand for perpetrators, especially of crimes. For example, people who steal Peeps. Or insist that they taste good.
  • Theresa Madonna and
  •  Michele Scott
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Kathy Croteau, four years.
Rotarians with guests:
Barry Shead introduced Jim Konrad, Editor of the Bulletin, even though most of us knew who he was.
Visiting Rotarians:
If there were any they kept a low profile.
Announcements: by President-elect Jim.
  • Next week’s speaker will be Kelly August or another member of the Rose Arts Committee;
  • The Rose Garden meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 20.
  • Applications are desired for the Native Son and Daughter award;
  • Students are now being placed for the 2018-2019 school year for the Rotary exchange program. Please let Jim know if you would like to sponsor a student.
  •  Happy Dollars:  Do you know of a need? the club is importuning members for the names of potential recipients. 
  • The Little League Pancake breakfast is scheduled for April 28 please let Jim (Daly) know if you would like to help.
  •  The club seeks a location for the 2019 coat drive storage;
  •  The next Diversity Day meeting is April 9 at the Savings Institute.
  • Coats for Culture or conversely, Culture for Coats gathering on April 30, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn;
  • The Carnival is scheduled for May.
  • September 5, golf tournament.
  •  Please do not use your cell phones near the doorway. Also, refrain from  smoking, cussing, drinking and chewing in that vicinity.  
 No billets doux today.
Happy Dollars with Rodney;
Rodney went to an auction of restaurant furnishings and enumerated the contents. As an example, there were 10,000 chairs available.
Larry thanked those who attended services for his father, who was a WWII veteran.
Lottie thanked the service members for their work and allowed she was glad to be home from South Carolina following Clifford’s hospitalization and the travails encountered. She also reported on her participation in the forthcoming Harris Sister’s program at Otis Library. There is an eminent performance roster for Miss Lottie’s Jazz Café.
Bonnie bestowed appropriate birthday wishes on the designated recipients.
Bob F. reported that his skill at weather predictions made him a candidate for long range weather forecasting at the National Weather Service. He also noted that Otis Library staff member Bassem Gayed will be honored with a Connecticut Immigrant Day Award at the state capitol on April 4.
Kyle reported on a recent invigorating hike and later thanked club members for their support during his divorce;
Barry welcomed Jim Konrad. 
Bill Champagne effused over the NHS recent annual meeting and Tim Jencks’ presentation on Taftville.
Andy N. welcomed our guests and spoke warmly of those celebrating birthdays. This was followed by a lamentation over the vicissitudes encountered while selecting paint colors and installing vacuums.
Mike C. reported on his wife’s impending gall bladder operation and the challenges of instructing an assembly of Little Leaguers in the fine points of throwing and catching in an enclosed space.
Michele thanked the club for birthday wishes and for the condolences shared at the time of her grandmother’s death.
Gary first reported, and Stan later elaborated on their North Carolina golfing expedition, which included a tête-à-tête with an alligator.
Stan also thanked the service members for their contributions.
Manny mused on the demise, or impending demise of several residents at Stone Ridge, his home in Mystic. He informed us that Stone Ridge was also know by the aphorism “the Finishing School.”
Andy N. enticed Rotarians with 4 tickets to an upcoming Boy Scout Breakfast which Stan immediately claimed for $25. For $50 Bonnie will take a bus trip to New York.
Lottery with Paul.
  • Larry: No.
  • Nancy: Nay
  • John Mancini:  Nada
A serious outburst was barely avoided when several disgruntled persons were distracted by reports of a brightly hued duck in parking lot, singing Perry Como’s greatest hits. The reports were later proven false.
Service Person of the Month:
President elect Jim introduced Angie Clay from the Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Clay introduced M/M1 Ryan Cleary the Service Person of the Month, his father Patrick, mother Barbara, and wife Dana. A large contingent from the Submarine Base was also in attendance.  M/M1 Cleary was lauded for his many volunteer commitments and contributions to the community.
The Four Way Test: Was successfully recited by all members, save the ones who were still looking for the duck.