Posted by Bob Reed on Mar 21, 2018
Presiding:  Kathleen Stauffer
Invocation: Larry Fowler read the following invocation:
The paths of our lives are filled with peaks and valleys. When we are on top of our peaks, we become so self-satisfied that we tend to ignore the things of importance. When we are in a valley, we feel a sense of abandon and again can focus only on what is directly ahead. Remind us, as You do in nature, that above the tree line the mountain-tops are barren and only in the valleys can we find the opportunity for true growth. Amen.
Fellowship: Barry Shead filled in for himself. Barry read stories from this morning;s Norwich Bulletin simce Bulletin Editor Jim Konrad, was suppoaed to be his guest. He guessed the inclement weather might have kept Jim away. The Bulletin has been around for a couple hundred years and is one of the oldest continuously operated newspapers in the state. Today’s big stories included that the State had already closed a deal and purchased land for a gun range in August in Griswold even though the citizens of that town voted it down. The City of Norwich has committed some more tax payer money to try to save the Reid & Hughes building in downtown Norwich. Barry ended with the cover story in the Local section of the paper with the story of Spring being welcomed in at sunrise with the singigg and dancing from the local “Westerly Morris Men” atop Lantern Hill in North Stonington.
  • Bonnie Hong – 12 Years and
  • Barry Shead – 10 years
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Visiting Rotarians:
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Proposed New Member Posting
The Board of Directors has tentatively approved  Stacey Taylor for membership. If any current Rotarian knows of a reason why the candidate should not become a member, an objection stating the reason must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors within fourteen (14) days of the date of this posting. E-mail to the President or Secretary may be used. If no objections are filed within that time, the candidate shall be considered elected to membership and a date for formal induction set.
  • The club is working on our Annual Rose Garden meeting to hopefully take place on June 20th. Reports that the city is giving some push back on allowing us to have our meeting there.
  •  The Culture for Coats Bourbon and Wine Tasting event will be held on April 20th at the Holiday Inn in Norwich from 5:30 to 7:30.
  • The Rotary Golf Tournament will be played on September 5th, 2018.
  • Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker you would like to propose.
  • The club is seeking nominations for the Native Son/Daughter Award.
  • Thank you to Chelsea Groton Bank and Rotarian Keith Caplet for the $1,500.00 sponsorship for the CCD
  • Still looking for nominees for the Native Son/Daughter Award
  • Still time to donate to the No Show Gala. March 15th will be the cut off. Thanks again to Paul Blanchard and Overhead Door for their $1,000.00 donation and for Manny Kadish for matching the gift. The tally is at about $8,500.00.
Happy Dollars: with Nancy Gentes
Nancy Gentes kicked things off by thanking Barry for the interesting anecdotes on the Morris Men.
Larry Fowler gave in honor of Barry’s fellowship and that he found his newspaper from last Tuesday once the snow melted. Larry also announced that his 96 year old father passed away and that fellow Rotarian Cal Lord will conduct the funeral service this coming Saturday and he’s very comforted by  that so many Rotarians have been supportive during this difficult time.
Rich Pascal who serves on the Board of the Johnson Home in Norwichtown is looking for volunteers for the work day on April 21st at 10:30. Contact Rich if you can help out.
Kathleen Stauffer had much of her trash cans and patio furniture blown over her yard and deck during the recent Nor’easter. She was relieved to find her glass table in a bed of hosta totally unscathed. She also thanked Jim Daly in advance for filling in for her this coming Wednesday as she will be in PA visiting her parents.
Mike Matera was in Las Vegas at a convention during last week’s Nor’easter and had to stay an extra day since the planes were not flying in to the Northeast. All was not lost as he found a great beer garden at his hotel. Once home he was happy to learn that his son will be admitted into the 1st grade.
Jennifer Granger gave $20.00 for a wind damage story for the Nor’easter that shattered her glass patio table and left glass everywhere. She also reported that while attending the National Association of Health Care Centers Conference she took time to visit the Holocaust Museum and suggests others do the same if they can. Jen will also be away for the next 2 weeks in Florida to visit her parents.
Barry Shead gave for Larry’s dad’s passing and for being invited to Ben Hong’s retirement party. He was asked to speak so he roasted Ben pretty well. Others did not follow suit giving Ben lots of praise, so Barry was feeling foolish, but Bonnie assured him Ben loved being roasted. 
Bonnie Hong gave for Ben’s Party and for all the years of Ben;s wearing colorful clothing that always looked good on him. She also said that the façade of the Reid & Hughes building should be saved but the rest shouldn’t be saved if not feasible. A view of the river from there would do just fine. She gave for Larry’s dad’s passing. Bonnie also said the Interact Club is building a safe zone near the Peace Poles on the waterfront and is looking for funds to complete the job. You can buy a block to support the project.
Mike Cooney is coaching his son Matt’s Little League team which looks like it should be interesting when he learns what kids will actually be on the team. His wife Jen has gallstones and sadly getting to see a doctor about them has been challenging to say the least.
Kyle Muenzer has lost 15 pounds since February and he informed the club that he is in the process of divorce. He thanked many members of the club who have been so supportive during such a difficult time.
Andrew Nollman gave for Larry and to wish Kyle well during his trying time. Andrew also told another Nor’easter story of his parents trying to get back north from Florida and decided to fly back early as to not get caught with airline problems that come with such a storm. Well, they missed connections and luggage ended up at different airports, but they did get home to Connecticut and have their son Andrew to thank for getting them in Providence even though their bags were in Hartford.
Many Kadish now has a doctor who is right in the building where he lives so he does not have to travel 45 minutes to see one. However this doctor conducted tests and according to Manny none of the test came out normal and not too much is working right. His heart however is perfect.
Bob Reed told a story of a friend of his from Newcastle, England which is part of the Northumberland region of England and the home of Morris Dancing. While at a pub with his friend and other lads that subject of Morris Dancing came up and Bob made the mistake of referring to Morris Dancers as “Those crazy guys with bells on their ankles and sticks in their hands.” He was lucky to get out of that Newcastle pub in one piece.   
AuctionKyle Muenzer announced that someone made a $20.00 donation in place of an auction item.
Lotterywith Paul Blanchard:
  • Kathy Croteau drew first no avail.
  • Bonnie Hong drew next and came up with the Ace of Spades
No Program
President Kathleen Stauffer closed the meeting reciting the 4 Way Test.