Posted by Laura Hobart on Jun 07, 2017
Presiding:  President Kevin
Invocation:  Larry
Fellowship:  Ray with summer vacationers’ complaints.
  • Kyle
  • Cal Lord led us in song.
Rotary Anniversaries
  • Mike Matera
  • Jen Granger
Rotarians with Guests
Barry hosted Valedictorian and Salutatorians:
  • Griswold with Emma Higgins, her parents and Jennifer Miele who were accompanied by Cathy Kissack.
  • Norwich Tech with Dr. Mike Kaiser who accompanied Casey Gervais with Peggy and Chris Gervais and Joshua Stanavage with Lori and Gayle Hyde.
  • NFA with Caleb Rak with Elise Vanase and Charles Liang with Michelle and Michael Wu.  They were accompanied by Melissa Tracy and Rosalie Nogiec.
  • Kevin hosted Wolf Carter.
Visiting Rotarians
  • Cal Lord, Westerly
  • Nancy Miner from Bridgeport.
  • Our annual Rose Garden visit will be on June 14 at the regular time.
  • The Rotary International Convention will be held in Atlanta from June 9th – 15th.
  • The next Board meeting will be held on June 21st at 11 am.
  • The ARC of New London’s membership meeting and picnic will be held on Tuesday, June 27th from 6-8 pm at Mohegan Park.
  • Celebrate Diversity’s next meeting for this year will be on June 26th at 2:00, at the Savings Institute. See Barry to sponsor the event or suggest other sponsors.
  • The Change of Command will be held on June 28th at Bela Fiore. 
  • Our golf tournament will be 9.6.17.
  • Please email Mary Richardson or Kevin with proposed guest speakers.
Happy Dollars:  with Mike Gordon for guests, former members and his son Noah who is leading a class doing field work on snakes and frogs in Costa Rica. 
Other contributors included:
  • Kevin for Nancy, Cal, students and families and the Bulletin article on the 6th graders’ mock trial.
  • Larry for guests and for meeting a famous bowler at the U.S. Bowling Nationals.
  • Andy Grant for being with three of his four daughters and for the parents and students.
  • Bill Champagne for guests and for driving Montessori School children to colonial and Native American trails.
  • Barry for all of the visitors.
  • Cal for Nancy Miner, for Joel and the RONE, for students and parents.
  • Nancy Miner gave for being back.
  • Nancy Gentes for guests and faculty, parents and students.
  • Jay for his 45th anniversary of becoming a 2nd Lieutenant, for graduating from the Air Force Academy and getting married – all on the same day.
  • Kyle gave for the upcoming football season.
  • Bonnie for Cal, Nancy, Kyle and for students, faculty and parents.  There was also something about a nude beach in Hawaii.
  • Mike Kaiser for his 16 year-old getting his license, for his son graduating from UConn, for the students and for his wife.
  • Josh Stanavage’s grandmother gave for him.
  • Casey Gervais’ mother gave for her, the Club and Norwich Tech.
Someone owes $20.
Lottery:  with Bill Champagne. 
  • Gary
  • Bonnie
  • John Bolduc
…tried, but to no avail.
Barry hosted the Academic Excellence Awards meeting.
Kevin led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.