Posted by Bob Reed on Jun 21, 2017
Presiding: President Kevin Wickless
Invocation: Gary Young
To watch Gary in action
Fellowship: with Laura Hobart who reminded everyone that today was the start of the summer solstice and that Monday is Juneteenth Day which was the end of slavery. Laura then gave a very heartfelt tribute to two friends of hers and both community leaders, Jacqueline Owens and Olive Buddington. Jacqueline and Olive died earlier in the week and will be sorely missed by many.
  • Laura Hobart 6/22
  • Rich Pascal 6/22
  • Jerry Lowney 6/27
Gary Young 6/25th,13 Years
Bonnie Hong brought Peter Nystrom
Visiting Rotarians:
  • President Kevin Wickless reminded the club of the following:
  • Please email Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have any suggestions for guest speakers. Get them the information and they will follow up.
  • The next Golf Tournament Committee meeting will be on July 9th. This year’s Tournament will be September 6th.
  • Celebrate Diversity Committee will meet on June 26th at the Savings Institute at 2pm.
  • Pancake Breakfast will be on July 1st on Chelsea Parade. Volunteers needed.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Kathleen Stauffer:
Kathleen started things off thanking Mike Cooney for helping her start a blog and for Mary Richardson getting her yard looking great landscaping-wise. Kathleen also attended the RI International Conference in Atlanta. Bill Gates was the keynote speaker and gave a 2 to 1 match to help stamp out Polio which will still cost 2.1 Billion to accomplish.
Laura Hobart for her grandson who just graduated high school.
Nancy Gentes gave in honor of Jacqueline Owens and Olive Buddington.
Jim O’Shea in honor of his anniversary.
Kevin Wickless had happy dollars for attending the conference in Atlanta with both his kids and plans on attending next year in Toronto.
Andy Grant gave for his daughter Lillian who will be married on July 15th.
Mike Cooney told the tales of his daughter Katie going through the “Terrible Two’s.” Mike also published an article on his blog that was picked up and had 20,000 hits. Also, Mike was sad that a friend of his who was his former scoutmaster passed away on Sunday.
Michelle Scott said her son is now on summer break from school but has signed himself up for numerous summer activities that will keep both he and Michelle busier than normal.
Rodney Green reminded everyone that the Pancake Breakfast is on July 1st at Chelsea Parade and that he’ll miss both Jacqueline Owens and Olive Buddington.
Lottie Scott said she was happy to work with Jacqueline Owens for so many years and for so many worthy causes especially the Ellis Ruley Plaza in front of City Hall.
Mary Richardson said the guest speaker calendar is open for the summer and would love suggestions for up-coming meetings.
Bonnie Hong gave in memory of Jacqueline Owens and for Kevin’s last meeting as President of the club.
Jen Granger gave for President Kevin and Jacqueline Owens.
Peter Nystrom gave in memory of Jacqueline Owens.
Many Kadish gave to thank Kevin for a great year and to wish Kathleen a good year. Also Manny gave in honor of his granddaughter who graduated Tufts Veterinary School and will be working in Africa. He also said he had many contacts with people who said he was missed at the Rotary International Conference this year.
Gary Young gave to say Barry Shead is feeling better since having his appendectomy and his recent bout with amnesia.  
Bill Champagne told the club that the Norwich Historical Society is having a fundraiser at Mohegan Sun in the Tribal Skybox and the show is comedian Jeff Dunham. Bill also thanked the City for its support of the two Norwich Walking Tour trails with some matching money.
No Auction
  • Joel Etra
  • Laura Hobart
  • Bonnie Hong
drew cards to no avail.
Keith Caplet introduced Lena Bean, Executive Director of Guide, Inc. Guide, Inc. provides independent living support programs to mentally or physically challenged individuals.
President Kevin Wickless closed the meeting by leading the club in reciting the 4-Way Test.