Posted by Joel Etra on Jun 13, 2018
Presiding: President Kathleen
Invocation: Jim O’ with a prayer for our youth.
Fellowship: with Bob F. Who talked about making difficult decisions.
  • Mike Goldblatt
  • José
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Jen G, 4 years
Rotarians with guests:
Visiting Rotarians:
Paul Harris Presentation
Mike Gordon
New Member Proposal
The Board of Directors has tentatively approved  Susie Hurlbert for membership. If any current Rotarian knows of a reason why the candidate should not become a member, an objection stating the reason must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors within fourteen (14) days of the date of this posting. E-mail to the President or Secretary may be used. If no objections are filed within that time, the candidate shall be considered elected to membership and a date for formal induction set.
Announcements:  by President Kathleen:
  • Next Diversity Day Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for June 25.
  • The Rotary Golf Tournament will be held on September 5th, 2018.
  • Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker you would like to propose.  No more  Tower of London Beefeaters but we are still looking for a yak driver.
  • The Happy Dollars Fund is available for needy recipients. Please contact any member of the committee.
  • The Food Packaging Event will be held on November 10th this year and will be a joint event with the Norwich Sunrise Rotary Club.  Contact Jen Granger for details.
  • Please do not use cell phones or double bassoons near the door of the meeting room
Happy Dollars: with  Rodney who was brief but thanked Pres. Kathleen
Barry welcomed the students and complemented Bob for saving a life.
Gary welcomed the students and thanked them for reducing the average age at this weeks meeting. He is looking for a roofing contractor to take care of his shingles.
Jim O' requested the singing of the Welcome to Rotary song.
Jim K. Was glad to hear that welcome somg. He thanked Mike Cooney and the committee for putting on the Native Son event the previous week.
Mike Gordon thanked Pres. Kathleen, said hello to Jim K., and welcomed the students.
Theresa welcomed the students, and thanked Pres. Kathleen. She expressed regrets that she would not be at the change of command because she needed to attend the Griswold high school graduation that night. She was recently on a five state trip and was pleased to discover that you can drive 80 miles an hour legally in Montana.
Dr. Michael Keiser congratulated Steven Albee and Michal Stollman from Norwich Tech. He offered another happy dollar to congratulate Ed Cubanski and yet another in praise of his wife Andrea.
Nancy welcomed everybody
Mike C. for Pres. Kathleen, told an abridged  funny story about Matt, and reminded us how cute Katie is.
Pres. Kathleen congratulated the students, and thanked the club.
kyle will be putting the squeeze on someone for this week.
Lottery: With Barry who sold tickets to...
  • Theresa
  • Bill C.
  • Andrew N
… but they didn't win anything
Our annual presentation to local valedictorians and salutatorians.
To enjoy photos of this event, CLICK HERE
The Four Way Test: was led by Pres. Kathleen