His friends called him Gus
Presiding: Pres-elect Sir Jim Daly
Invocation: Jim O’Shea
Fellowship:  Ray discussed in detail the origin and interesting facts related to the month of August, among these, the origin of the name. August was the 6th month in the early Roman calendar and named after Julius Caesar Augustus. August’s flower is the ever-popular Gladiolus. August has two birthstones, peridot and sardonyx Peridot is among the oldest known gemstones. Ray did not mention that on August 20, 1630, Lemonade was first served in Paris, France.  Those present did not show open hostility to this omission. 
None reported.
Rotarian Anniversaries:  
Rodney, celebrating 11 years
Rotarians with guests:
None sighted
Visiting Rotarians:
A thorough investigation revealed none.
Announcements:  by Jim Daly.
  • The District Governor will be visiting in three weeks. All club members are encouraged to attend.
  • The next Club board meeting is August 9.
  • The Cultural Diversity Committee is now meeting every Monday at 2:00 at the Savings Institute. The next meeting is Monday July 31.
  • This September’s diversity celebration will feature a week of diversity related events.
  • Gary Young directed everyone’s attention to the golf hats on the tables. Members were encouraged to place donations for the golf tournament, scheduled for September 6, in these chapaux. Gary made a generous $100 donation.
  • Barry read a note of thanks from the recipients of the club’s academic excellence awards.
Service person of the Month:
Wrong month.
Happy Dollars: With Jen Granger, who remarked on the 11th anniversary of her book club.
Bill Champagne is suffering a bout of Lyme disease;
Andy Nollman waxed enthusiastic over the Patriots and the coming football season;
Barry offered encomia for Gary’s generous golf donation and remarked favorably on the August trivia, tactfully avoiding any mention of Paris or lemonade. He also offered high praise and flattery to the Norwich Historical Society for its Jeff Dunham fundraising event.
Alas, no.
Lottery: With Bill Champagne.
Despite wide spread optimism,
  • Gary
  • Rodney and
  • Lottie
...all failed to pick the winning card. Several distraught members were observed leaving their seats.  
Club Assembly:
Kyle presented the results of the recent club survey. Currently, we are not covering our meal costs, resulting in a loss of $10,000 since 2008. Eleven respondents favored an increase in lunch charge and dues were mentioned, to cover the gap, while 16 voted no. A majority of respondents favored moving locations while some new members found the club’s operation arcane. Suggestions included menu changes, finding a new permanent location and rotating locations. Further discussions are planned.
The Four Way Test: Everyone got it right.