Posted by Bob Reed on Jul 26, 2017
Our Scholarship Winner and Family
Presiding: President Kathleen Stauffer
Invocation: Cathy Crotou
Fellowship:by  Bonnie Hong. Bonnie reminded us that the new word from RI President Ian Ricewitz’s daughter is “Rotarama.” Look in The Rotarian for additional details. Bonnie followed up with origins of common phrases. “Good Night, Sleep Tight” was from the old days when mattresses had ropes under them for support. “Honeymoon” is dated back 4000 years ago when mead was aged for a month. “Mind your P’s and Q’s” came from English Pubs for pints and quarts.
Andrew Nollman introduced Kevin Ake, Zila Ake, Atonye Ake, Adora Ake, and Christall Ake
Visiting Rotarians:
Nancy Miner from Bridgeport
  • President Kathleen Stauffer reminded us that the District Governor will be visiting the club on August 16th.
  • The Celebrate Diversity committee’s next meeting will be July 24th at the Savings Institute.
  • The next Club board meeting will be on August 9th at 11AM.
  • Club members are encouraged to give any speaker ideas to Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless.
  • Golf Tournament 2017 will take place on September 6th.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Jen Granger:
Jen started things off by telling a very heartfelt story of her nephew who only speaks in front of certain people and her husband Kevin was not one of them. After Kevin arraigned a boat ride for him he began conversing with him which was a huge breakthrough.
Andy Nollman welcomed our guests and proudly told the story of his recent trophy for getting “Closest to the Pin” at a recent BNI Golf Tournament.
Mike Cooney has had no sleep as of late as daughter Katie likes to get up hourly and check on him and his wife. Also a New Hampshire vacation is in the works.
Gary Young told the story of his Big Y gold coins, losing 3 pounds this week, playing pool at the Senior Center and holding a yard sale from which he has returned $100.00 of his profits to the Club. He feels Blessed.
Kathleen Stauffer enjoyed kayaking from Mystic Seaport to Noank and spent 9 hours out on the Mystic River.
Bonnie Hong announced that the Youth Exchange Student that the club has supported cannot go to Spain as the host family’s plans have changed. She also welcomed our guests.
Bill Champagne announced his wife Patrice has been at the helm of the Montessori School for over 30 years. Also, the Norwich Historical Society is having a fundraiser at Mohegan Sun Skybox and the show is comedian Jeff Dunham. Tickets are $100.00.
Rodney Green reminded everyone that the Chestnut Street Playhouse is presenting its third play of the season and tickets are selling quickly. Old Tymes is also helping with the food at the newly opened Tamarack Lodge. Old Tymes will be featured on Sunday at 10:30 AM on Channel 61 Fox.
No Auction
  • Zila Ake and
  • Andrew Nollman
drew cards to no avail, however
  • Michele
drew the ace of spades. Michelle donated the money back to the Club.
Andrew Nollman introduced one of the Blackmar Scholarship winners, Zila Ake. Zila attended NFA and now be attending Boston College in the fall. She plans to attend law school at Cornell following college graduation.   
President Kathleen Stauffer closed the meeting asking Andrew Nollman to lead the club in reciting the 4 Way Test.