Posted by Bob Farwell on Jul 18, 2018
Presiding: The Honorable Jim Daly
Invocation: Larry Fowler
Fellowship: Laura Hobart, who mused on the allure of retirement and the travails of being homebound, at the mercy of bad neighbors, bad plumbing,  and the illusory quest for your “Golden Years.”
Somebody, somewhere, but not here.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
No, none, not today.  
Rotarians with guests:
Alas, nary a guest graced us with their presence.
Visiting Rotarians:
A search of the room revealed none
Announcements by:  President Jim.
  • Wear your Rotary pin and get an extra lottery ticket.
  • Bring a potential Rotarian to lunch.
  • A good site for winter coat storage has been identified at Ace Hardware. The next Diversity event meeting is to be July 30.
  • The club is looking for needy Happy Dollar recipients.
  • Do you have a suggestion for a guest speaker? Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless or esteemed President Jim. We are still looking for a retired Tsar.
  • Silence your cell phone and avoid public humiliation or exile.
  • Laura reminds us not to ignite any more fireworks outside the meeting room. They make Pres. Jim hide under the furniture.
Happy Dollars: With Andy Grant.  Andy will happily take you sailing on a Hobe Cat.
Pres. Jim has family in town.
Rodney reported that Mike Matera is in New Haven helping with his father’s medical issues; he also thanked Andy G. for space for winter coat storage.
Jim Konrad thanked Rich Pascal.
Bill Champagne bid greetings to our speaker, Terri O’Rourke, had a grand time at Chautauqua and Williamsburg and lauded the virtues of a Rotary credit card. He bemoaned the condition of his knee but brightened considerably while discussing the August 4 Norwich Historical Society fundraising event at Mohegan Sun, aptly titled A Fun Evening with the Norwich Historical Society.
Barry concurred that a good time would be had at the fun evening.
Kyle is pursuing a standup comedy routine and contemplating musical pursuits.
Mike Cooney reports that Matt is ready for family camp,
Andy Nollman enjoyed the Norwich Chamber event at the Lemon Tree,
Jim O’Shea reminded those assembled that the golf tournament needs sponsors and suggested perusing the new edition of the Rotarian magazine for the tips on recruiting members.
Auction: Nyet
Lottery: with Paul Blanchard.  
  • Jim O’Shea
  • Jen Granger and
  • Jim Daly
…approached the cards purposefully but departed with their aspirations unrealized. 
Program: Habitat for Humanity with Terri O’Rourke, CEO and Executive Director. Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut (HFHECT) is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit housing organization. Organized in 1987, Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut (HFHECT) has constructed or rehabilitated 73 homes in our area using volunteer labor and donated building material or material purchased with donated funds. The affiliate's financial backing comes from private citizens, foundations, corporations, and area churches. Future homeowners work side by side with volunteers from the community. The organization relies on citizen engagement and is open to people of all faiths or no faith, who together with a hammer and nails can overcome differences to build a stronger community. HFHECT builds self-reliance and self-sufficiency among its clients and benefits the local economy by developing taxable properties. 
Pres. Jim ended the meeting with a thought for the day.