Posted by Joel Etra on Jul 12, 2017
Chelsea Singers at our Meeting
Presiding:  Pres. Kathleen
Invocation:  Keith
Jim O’ on the benefits of change
Chris Heller, today
Rotary Anniversaries
Nancy, 12 years
Rotarians with Guests
Cal brought his friend Hank
Joel brought Roz
who introduced Faye Ringel
Visiting Rotarians:
Cal Lord was here from Westerly!
  • The DG is coming to norwich on August 16.
  • $136 was collected for Pres. Kathleen’s bus fare project.
  • Next Cultural Diversity committee meeting will be July 24, at The Savings Institute, Barry’s very own bank. Diversity Day will be September 19.
  • Next board meeting will be August 9. At today’s board meeting, there was a discussion on closing our budget gap engendered largely by the cost of lunch. Pres. Kathleen would like input from members on solutions and as such, Kyle and Mike will be distributing a survey at the next Club meeting.
  • Mary and Kevin are looking for ideas for speakers at meetings. They are especially interested in entertains, fun presentations.
  • Golf tournament is Wednesday, September 6. Barry is lining up volunteers for the event.
Happy Dollars:  with Jen Granger who got things rolling with an update on her dove. UCFS broke mud for their new 12,000 s.f. center in Griswold.
Kevin is looking for golfers for the BNI tournament on 7.13 (Spoiler alert: Rotary came through with the needed duffers.). He still has sea-legs from his recent cruise. Kevin finished by welcoming today’s guests.
Theresa tossed in her last $6 with a tale of woe about a hacked debit card and a production stopping migratory server. She thought her problems were over after she replaced her lost cell phone but she then was subjected to a seatbelt lecture by a 10 y.o. state trooper who had no sympathy for wrinkled clothing.
Bonnie said that the last check she write will likely bounce. She also had a dove story. Bonnie went up against RI bureaucracy trying to exchange some youth. She hopes to have a student from Spain here by the end of the month. She and Ben are going to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to stay in the only  $600 Hampton Inn in the world to watch an eclipse.
Barry is glad to be back after a month following some medical misfortunes. He's not retired but his car has been.
Mike C.  pointed out the resemblance between Barry and the bad Spock. Mat wound up in the ER with an irksome case of heartburn. Mike noted the differences between Mat and Katie’s early morning behavior. Mike is sad over the death of a friend’s young child.
Cal is happy to visit and bring his friend Hank. Cal recalls giving Happy Dollars every week in 2003 to bolster the fortune of the failing Detroit Tigers; well he needs to do it again and he’s hoping for a better season next year. He remembers Faye and the Chelsea Players from 1996 when he and Lori had some rather risqué parts to play.
Pres. Kathleen’s book “Women’s Sports Bible” is now available on Kindle thanks largely to the electronic wizardry of our own Mike C. He also helped her create a blog. Through the blog, she was able to connect with a childhood friend in Denmark.
Ray finally got his gun permit.
Manny’s printer stopped printing. After a go-around with the company, he found out the warranty has expired. Manny welcomed Cal. Manny was late for the pancake breakfast because he had to prepare breakfast for his kitty.
Larry was glad to see NFA buddies Hank and Faye. He enjoyed reminiscing about the glory days of Norwich and the Rose Arts at the pancake breakfast.
Bonnie came back to tell Barry how sexy he looks with the goatee.
Lottie sold a copy of Bill Stanley's 9-Mile Square to Kevin for $20.
We forgot to bring the tickets
Program: the Chelsea Players with a taste of their next show which is on August 3rd at Beth Jacob Synagogue in Norwich.
To enjoy a selection from the show, click on the flyer fellow.
Pres. Kathleen led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.