Our Own Last Green Valley
Presiding:  President Jim
Invocation: Jim O’Shea
Fellowship:  Ray Baribeault gave us some memorable events that occurred on this day in history.
Birthdays:  None
Rotary Anniversaries
Nancy Gentes with 13 years
Rotarians with Guests
Mike Cooney hosted Joe Kierwiak
Visiting Rotarians:  Not a one
  • Winter coats are being ordered.  Rodney is still looking for space in which to store and sort them.
  • Next Diversity Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for July 23rd @ 2:00 at SI.
  • The Rotary Golf Tournament will be held on September 5, 2018 – Gary is asking for players, sponsors, raffle prizes and volunteers!  Gary passed his golf hat around to help buy lottery tickets for the raffle.
  • Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker. No more chimney sweeps but we are looking for  a muckdog breeder.
  • The Happy Dollars Fund is available for needy recipients.  Please contact any member of the committee for more information.  The original guidelines for funding will be reviewed by the board.
  • The Food Packaging event will be held on November 10th this year, which will be a joint event with the Norwich Sunrise Rotary Club.  Contact Jen Granger for details.
  • Roz requested help for the Celebrate Diversity event.  The committee is looking for bids from DJs for the event.
  • Jim welcomed Laura back.
  • Please do not use cell phones or motorcycles near the door of the meeting room.
Happy Dollars:  with Andy Grant who is busy writing his “father of the bride” speech. 
Larry showed up with a cold to volunteer for the Rose Arts pancake breakfast.  Because there were nine volunteers there, Andrew sent him home.
Kathleen congratulated Jim on his presidency and presented Andrew with a “Rotary Spouse” pin.
Rodney gave for Jim, guests and for raising $434 at the pancake breakfast.
Barry is reading Lottie’s new memoir.
Mike Cooney gave for his guest and for Katy who needs to be watched every second.  The family is vacationing in New Hampshire in August, where they will spend time at Story Land. 
Lottie introduced her new book, Deep South – Deep North – A Family’s Journey, which will be launched at the Donald Oat Theater on July 29th
Gary reported that $165 was raised in the golf hat and seven volunteers signed up at today’s meeting.
Gary auctioned off a signed 2013-14 Sun basketball to Joel for $10.
Lottery:  with Barry.
  •  Gary
  • Lottie and
  • Rodney
…failed to find the ace.
Program:  Kyle Gregoire, Community and Donor Relations Manager for The Last Green Valley, spoke to the club about how the organization protects open space, helps conserve natural resources, promotes recreation and health, preserves history and culture and inspires and educates children.  The Last Green Valley is a National Heritage Corridor – the last stretch of dark night sky in the coastal sprawl between Boston and Washington DC.
Jim led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.