Posted by Laura Hobart on Jan 09, 2019
Presiding:  President Mr. Jim
Invocation:  Kathy Croteau
Fellowship:  Barry gave members information about creating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington.  While ground was broken in 2006, the memorial wasn’t dedicated until 2011.  The design of the memorial was inspired by this quote from Dr. King:  “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”
  • President Mr. Jim,
  • Gary, and
  • Andrew
…all this week.
Rotary Anniversaries
Rotarians with Guests:
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Pres. Mr. Jim read thank you notes from scholarship recipients.
  • Please be sure that all cell phones are silenced.
  • Contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker suggestion.
  • Remember that the Happy Dollars Fund is available for qualifying needy recipients. 
  • Kyle is requesting Native Son/Daughter Award nominations.  Deadline for submitting nominations is March 15th.  Forms are available on our website.
Happy Dollars
Nancy Gentes who was running the show, started it all off with a dollar  for Rich Pascal’s presentation today. 
Bill Champagne for Kathleen and the ARC mergers, for the “Hamilton” soundtrack, and the correspondence Hamilton had with Samuel Huntington.
Bob Reed gave generously for Kathleen, the birthday boys, and Martin Luther King’s upcoming birthday, and then modestly for Benedict Arnold.   
Mike Matera for the birthday boys.
Kevin because Martin Luther King, who went to Boston University (Kevin’s alma mater), for Kathleen, Pres. Mr. Jim and for Mike Cooney.
Kathleen will be  sharing her membership with both the Putnam Club as well as ours, and for Andrew who brought her gold trophy to her.
Mike Cooney for Kathleen, for a virus that traveled throughout his family and for Martin Luther King and BU. 
Barry for Kathleen and for Gary who is receiving the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Award.
Gary is happy  for his birthday, and his donation was inspired by Manny’s tradition of giving one dollar for each year of your life. 
Jim O’Shea gave for a very poor golfing partner who at least knew enough to yell, “fore!”  at the driving range.  
Andrew is excited about  the Pat’s game.
Pres. Mr. Jim Daly auctioned $30 worth of scratch tickets which Andrew got at full price.
Lottery:  with Paul
  • Gary
  • Mary and
  • Pres. Mr. Jim
…did not locate the ace.
Program:  Rich Pascal gave members a wonderful slide show presentation of a trip he and his son took on the Amazon in Peru during the dry season last summer.  While in Lima, Rich showed us how the rich and poor live in very close proximity.  He and his son flew to a remote area close to the Amazon River where they boarded a floating riverboat hotel.  The Natives live in shacks without electricity or running water.  Two items that natives need most are salt and matches.  Members got to see the fabulous flora and fauna of the region.  Rich also captured the presence of Rotary on various plaques for projects Rotarians had worked on in Peru. 
To see the pictures. CLICK HERE   
Pres Mr. Jim closed the meeting with a quote from golfer Lee Trevino.
If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron