Posted by James Konrad on Jan 30, 2019
Happy Birthday Manny
Presiding: President Mr. Jim Daly.
Invocation:  Larry Fowler, with an oldie and shorty – but a goody -- from his archives.
Fellowship: with Laura Hobart. Laura talked about Joanne Philbrick, and her public and brave battle with opioid addiction that was profiled in The Bulletin on Sunday. One key element – there are no services for senior addicts.
Manny Kadish, on Feb. 2.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Bob Farwell, 12 years on Jan. 31.
Rotarians with guests:
Katie Cooney, guest of Mike Cooney.
Visiting Rotarians:
None today.
Announcements:  From Pres. Mr. Jim Daly:
  • A welcome for Mike Goldblatt.
  • Kyle Muenzner reminded those on the auction schedule to be mindful of having items ready to go.
  • The carnival will be at the Viaduct parking lot downtown. Rockwell Amusements is on board. Getting the proper permits from the city is up next.
  • Evan Menon of the Niantic Club has scheduled a women’s day out Feb. 9 at Chico’s at the Mohegan Sun.
  • A Rotary mixer event – patterned on a business after hours – has been scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 19 at Supercharged GoKart Racing and Trampoline in Montville. 
  • Mike Cooney said the no-show gala has received several generous donations, and the total will “crack $4,000” soon.
  • Barry Shead reported that the Celebrate Cultural Diversity Committee met with the RCC and Global Cities Norwich in planning its event for September at Howard T. Brown Park. The event also has a new name: Celebrate Culture Norwich.
  • The Native Son/Daughter selection/planning meetings kick off Feb. 8. See Kyle Muenzer for more details.
Happy Dollars: with Nancy Gentes, who is rooting for the Patriots and happy the illness in her family has not affected her. She also said that the HD Committee voted to provide $500 in assistance for Coast Guard families affected by the government shutdown (more on Happy Dollars later).
Mike Matera, checkbook in hand, had a sad dollar—after the meeting he is off to pay property taxes in Montville.
Mike Cooney introduced his daughter Katie, 3.
Mike Goldblatt hopes the nation’s leaders can reach a compromise to avoid another government shutdown.
Andrew Nollman donated $100 from winning his fantasy football league’s regular season.
None today.
Lottery: With Paul Blanchard.
  • Bill Champagne
  • Jim Daly and
  • Bob Reed
…all made valiant, wisely tactical choices – and still came up empty handed.
Program: Club discussion focused on all things Happy Dollars, including the committee’s mission, the bylaws it needs to follow, and how people can be helped. Questions, answers, suggestions and the overall discussion was lively – focusing on how best to get the money to those in need. If you need more info, check your inbox – Jim Daly has sent you the club’s bylaws and the HD bylaws.