Posted by James Konrad on Jan 02, 2019
Presiding: President Mr. Jim Daly        
Invocation: Keith Caplet, with a thanks for 2018 and hope for 2019.
Fellowship: with Jim O’Shea.
Jim shared jokes and observations about New Year’s resolutions.
None this week.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Lottie Scott, 28 years
Rotarians with guests:
Roz Etra (RCC) was a guest of Joel Etra.
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Pres. Mr. Jim Daly discussed the possibility of looking for a new carnival site for Memorial Day weekend. The carnival has been held the past two years at Howard T. Brown Park, but there have been complaints of lack of access to the boat launch. The carnival may return to the viaduct parking lot downtown. Joel Etra suggested the Three Rivers campus, which has hosted another group’s carnival and has plenty of parking. Rodney Greene mentioned the college has also hosted a car show. The president will investigate.
  • Pres. Mr. Jim Daly also mentioned that Stan Lucas has commercial office space for sale. Those with some capital and a decent credit rating can contact Stan.
Happy Dollars: with Nancy Gentes, who wished all a happy new year.
Gary Young took a New Year’s Day hike at Napatree Point in Westerly (4 miles!). He also reminded us that for those who still use stamps, the cost is going up soon so stock up.
Mike Gordon shared that his son in New York City sometimes helps chef friends for private parties. At one such party last month, the entertainment for a Vietnamese billionaire’s home party was the Rockettes. All of them.
Susy Hurlbert went on a Christmas vacation to the West Coast, and then a trip to Kennebunkport, Maine. She also shared a family member’s New Year’s resolution: “Just be a little better.”
Kyle Meunzner saluted 2018, which he called his best year yet, and said he shared the holidays with his family, friends and cats.
Rich Pascal learned economics at a young age, he said. When he was 8, his father took the family to Times Square for New Years. The merchandise was $15 early in the evening, and $5 at the end of the night.
Bill Champagne shared his family’s devotion to the play “Hamilton,” and how members have seen it both on Broadway and in Hartford. He also shared that by downloading the app you can enter a lottery to score good, cheap seats in New York City. He also congratulated Lottie for her 28 years in the club.
Rodney Greene shared a billing horror story about his subscription to software to link his computers. He also shared that he has family members who are “Hamilton” devotees.
Lottie Scott shared about her 28 years in the club, including getting the (mostly white and male) members to stop with sexist and inappropriate comments and jokes. She had a hard time with that, she said, “and they had a hard time with me.” She also reflected on the death of her son.
Auction: A $55 tin of Boy Scout chocolate popcorn went to Jim O’Shea for $25. A deal!
Lottery: With Paul Blanchard.
  • Jim Daly
  • Lottie Scott and
  • Lottie (again!)
…all missed out on the ace.
Program: Joel Etra shared the story of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which this year will be celebrated March 20-21. The holiday, Joel says, follows the same path as most other Jewish holidays: “They tried to destroy us. We won. Let’s eat.” Purim, which commemorates Haman’s thwarted plot to kill the Jews, is chronicled in the Book of Esther. Joel, with the help of Roz Etra, shared the story and the traditions that came from the story. They include making noises to drown out the name Haman, the giving of gifts to each other and the poor, and eating and drinking.For a video of this presentation, CLICK HERE.