Posted by Joel Etra on Jan 17, 2018
We remember Stogie
Presiding:  Pres. Kathleen
Invocation:  Jim O' spoke beautifully of our hope for peace
Approval of slate of officers
The membership unanimously approved the slate of officers
Norwich Rotary Officer and Board of Directors
July 2018-June 2019 Term
  • President: Jim Daly
  • President-Elect: Mike Cooney
  • Vice-President: Kyle Muenzner
  • VP Elect: Mary Richardson
  • Treasurer: John Bolduc
  • Assistant Treasurer: Kyle Muenzner
  • Secretary: Kathy Croteau
  • Assistant Secretary: James O’Shea
  • Immediate Past President: Kathleen Stauffer
Board Members
  • Joel Etra
  • Jennifer Granger
  • Jay Ginsburg
  • Gary Young
  • Bob Farwell
  • Michele Scott
Fellowship: with Bob Farwell who brought some really hard words. Your editor's favorite has to be "jumentous." Try to use it often this week.
  • Stan Lucas, 1.17
  • Ray Baribeault, 1.21
Rotary Anniversaries
Bill Champagne with 33 years of loyal Rotary service.
Rotarians with Guests
  • Bonnie introduced Christian Tynan
  • Bill had the privilege of hosting Marie Osborne
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Club members are encouraged to email Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless with the name and contact info of potential speakers. Mary or Kevin will follow up directly with all proposed speakers .we still have a few opening during 2018. 2019 is also filling up fast.
  • We are looking for host families for potential exchange students.
  • Members are encouraged to think about their own elevator speech – “What is Rotary” to share with friends and colleagues
  • Diversity Day 2018 will be September 17 (Rain date: Sept 24) and there will be a Peace Pole commemoration on September 21.
  • The date for Rotary at NFA  remains TBD
  • The 4 Way Test Speech Semi finals are March and10 21
  • at NFA.
  • The District Assembly and 4 Way Test finals will be April 7  at the 4-Points Sheraton in Meridan
  • RYLA is May 11-14 at Camp Hazen
  • A bourbon tasting is being planned for April 30 at Three Rivers at 5:30
  • Mayor Nystrom will be our speaker next week.
  • March 12 will be the first Diversity Committee meeting this year.
Happy Dollars:  with Rodney who is glad that Lucille came home from the hospital last Thursday. The new HVAC rooftop unit for the Chestnut Street Theater has been ordered and will be installed by next Friday. They could still use a few thousand more dollars to pay for it.
Stan, as well as many of us, was sad to note the passing of his dog, Stogie.
Gary for Stan’s birthday and Stogie. They love their dog so much that Roemer "let" him lick Gary‘s birthday cake.
Pres. Kathleen for Stogie. She also thanked the club's officers past and present and gave $20 to celebrate our attendance today which looked to be over 30.
Bonnie for the newest Chinese city of peace as well as for Stan‘s birthday. She welcomed our guest Christian. She also had a dollar for Bob Farwell to expand upon the concept of military industrial complex.
Mike M is happy for Lucille and sad for Stogie. He needs help getting rid of a warehouse full of white boards. He is looking for any organizations that are interested in them.
Andrew reported on his recent freezing cold football experience but is looking forward to a warmer game this coming weekend and a trip for the Patriots to the Super Bowl.
Bill C was among 93 people enjoying a lecture at the Otis library on Benedict Arnold and the burning of New London.
Kevin for Pres. Kathleen, Guest Christian, and Stogie of whom he has wonderful memories to help get through the grief over his passing.
Joel is looking for a short-term rental in Florida.
Gary sold a Super Bowl package to Bonnie for $50 who gave it to Andrew.
Lottery: with Bill
Well guess what…
John gets to write a check to himself.
Bonnie put together a program of our craftiest Rotarians.
  • Cathy the beekeeper
  • Mary who raises chickens, and
  • Marie a jam-maker extraordinaire
Pres. Kathleen led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.