Posted by Bob Farwell on Jan 16, 2019
Presiding: Club President Mr. Jim Daly Esq.
Invocation: Jim Konrad
Fellowship: with Ray who introduced the club to the first recorded uses of many well-known words including prankster (1910), teacher’s pet (1914) and femme fatale (1912).
In a great day for the legal profession, Ray himself and Stan Lucas! Raucous huzzahs followed the announcement.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Bill Champagne and Bob Reed were lauded for their 34 years and 28 years, respectively, as Rotarians. Bill was 12 and Bob 14 when they were admitted to our elite ranks.
Rotarians with guests:
Polite inquiries and veiled threats revealed none.
Visiting Rotarians:
Kevin Reich of the East Hampton, CT club.
Announcements: by Pres. Mr. Jim D.
  • Silence all cell phones and heart/lung machines or be subjected to a Petticoat Junction marathon.
  • Mike Cooney provided an update on the No Show Gala and the many ways to register. Print forms are available for those who wish them.
  • President Mr. Jim noted that the noontime club was lauded as a 100% giving club.
  • The Four Way Test speech contest is imminent.
  •  The Rotary Carnival will not occur at Three Rivers Community College. Other options are being investigated.
Presentation: Larry Fowler was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow plus one
Happy Dollars: With Nancy Gentes, Nancy professed great faith in the Patriots and their chances in the playoffs.
Jim Konrad praised Bill Champagne for his remarkable endurance as a club member. Bob Reed proclaimed his enjoyment of his 28 years as a member.
Bill Champagne reflected on his 34 years as a member and thanked Mike Gordon for serving as his sponsor. Bill shared thoughts on the ties between Alexander Hamilton and Samuel Huntington and read from an American Heritage magazine article describing the day Alexander Hamilton informed George Washington of Benedict Arnold’s Janus-faced perfidy.
Lottie recounted the fortitude needed in a family including Patriot and Cowboy fans.
Mike Cooney enjoyed an extended viewing of Meow Mix commercials with Matt.
Gary Young wished Stan a happy birthday.
Andy Nollman described to a rapt audience the thill inherent in winning 4 dollars on the scratch tickets he bid on at a recent auction.
No auction today. Riotous behavior was barely avoided.
After failing to select the winning card on his first attempt, Kevin Reich coolly selected the ace of spades and magnanimously returned his winnings to the club. 
Program: Joe Kierwiak provided an overview of the changes in Scouting, USA. Chief among these is the admission of girls to BSA programs. Girls can now belong to both Scouting, USA and Girl Scouts.
Concluding the meeting, President Mr. Jim as always, proffered a useful aphorism.