Posted by Bob Reed on Jan 10, 2018
Norwich Rotary Proudly Welcomes our Newest
Paul Harris Fellow
Presiding:  Kathleen Stauffer
Invocation: Keith Caplet
Fellowship: Bonnie Hong who provided an articulately expressive fellowship that was short and sweet and wished everyone a very Happy New Year.
  • Jim Daly – 1/10
  • Gary Young – 1/12
  • Andrew Nollman – 1/15
 Bob Reed – 27 Years
No guests
Visiting Rotarians:
No visiting Rotarians
  • The Club will vote on the Slate of Officers and Rotary BOD’s for the up-coming Rotary year at the January 17th meeting. Please make every effort to attend as a quorum is required to vote on this.
  • Michael Rauh, President and CEO of the Chelsea Groton Bank indicated last week the Bank would like to support Diversity Day.
  • Rotary at NFA looks like sometime in January.
  •  Bourbon Tasting event will be held on April 30th at Three Rivers College 5:30 to 7:30.
  • The Rotary Golf Tournament will be played on September 5th, 2018.
  • Please contact Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless if you have a guest speaker you would like to propose.
  • The PREZ Project so far is at $403.00
  • Electronic Invites and Thank You notes are available and will be emailed to club members.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Rodney Green:
Rodney kicked things off saying that he and Lucille took a recent trip to Las Vegas and ended up both getting a bad case of the flu. Rodney has recovered but poor Lucille is at Backus Hospital with a full blown pneumonia. Also the Chelsea Street Playhouse is looking for support to replace their heating and cooling system in the theatre. There is a Go Fund Me page if anyone would like to help with expenses.
Larry Fowler Welcomed Joel and Keith back to the club and welcomed Jose.
Gary Young wishes Jim and Andrew Happy Birthday and said he won the Stan Lucas Look a Like Contest as he has not had a hair cut in 4 months. He also forgot to empty his coffee cup when he put it under the coffee maker and it overflowed all over the place.
Kathleen Stauffer thanked Bonnie Hong for all he efforts with the Annual Rotary Carnival and was so happy to see the meeting with 30 plus in attendance she pledged to give $20.00 to Happy Dollars every time if it continues.
Andrew Nollman wishes Joel and Keith back to the club. He also said that he is going to a concert in Boston this weekend as well as the Patriots Playoff Game. He gave sad dollars also for attending a funeral for a friend of his fathers who was 80 years old. Wife Lona had a tire blow out on her way to work in Massachusetts.
Mike Cooney attended his wife’s family Christmas Party that always takes place after Christmas.
Barry Shead said he’s most honored to be receiving the 2018 Robertsine Duncan Memorial Award from the Norwich Branch of the NAACP. He’ll receive the award on Friday, January 12th at Norwich Free Academy at 12:30 in the afternoon. Barry’s daughter was also visiting from California and did not enjoy the recent cold weather we had. Barry sent her a photo of the thermometer at -7 over the weekend and his daughter sent him back a photo of the warm beach she was enjoying back home in California.
Bonnie Hong gave Barry Shead congratulations for the NAACP award he’ll be receiving. Bonnie also had band aids on her fingers from working on glass work on her windows back home.
Bill Champagne informed us that Norwich’s Native Son, Benedict Arnold, will be celebrating his 277th birthday on January 14th. To celebrate there will be a lecture at Otis Library on the 14th on a book written about Arnold’s burning New London from 1 to 3pm. Following the lecture the Norwich Historical Society Executive Director, Regan Miner, will be giving short speeches on many of Norwich’s Revolutionary era war hero’s at area restaurants.
Lottie Scott reminded Andrew Nollman and the club that “80 years old is not old.” 
Kyle Muenzer donated $20 in place of an item.
Lottery – with Bill Champagne:
  • Andrew Nollman
  • Lottie Scott &
  • Rodney Green
all drew cards to no avail.
Pres. Kathleen Stauffer introduced Bob Farwell who gave a rundown of all the great events taking place in January at Otis Library. He gave kudos to the members of Klezmenschen of Eastern Connecticut, led by Roz Etra, for their wonderful performance at the opening of the “Anne Frank: A History for Today” exhibit that will run through the end of January. There will be many events at the library in conjunction with the Anne Frank exhibit during the month of January. These events can be viewed on the library’s website Bob encouraged everyone to attend.
 President Kathleen Stauffer closed the meeting reciting the 4-Way Test.