Posted by Bob Farwell on Feb 28, 2018
Presiding: President Kathleen
Invocation: Keith Caplet
Fellowship:  with Bonnie who reflected on Black History Month (February). Bonnie encouraged members to watch the video The Thirteenth Amendment. The film explored the history of racial inequality in the United States.  She invoked the poem “First they came…” written by German Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). Niemoller poem exposed the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.
Mary Richardson
Rotarian Anniversaries: No
Rotarians with Guests:
  • Paul Blanchard introduced Stephanie LePage
  • Jenn Grainger introduced Stacey Taylor
Visiting Rotarians:
Nancy Minor from the Bridgeport (CT.) Club.
Induction Ceremony:
John Mancini of Eastern Savings Bank; Andy Nollman provided a mellifluous and insightful introduction to Rotary and John, enthralled, immediately embraced membership.
Announcements:  by President Kathleen.
Among the highlights:
  • The club received an $800 contribution from ECAR;
  • Accommodations for the 2018-2019 Rotary exchange students are being sought;
  • Members are encouraged to identify recipients for the Happy Dollars funds;
  • The CT. Tigers seeks a Pancake Breakfast for Little League Opening Day;
  • Help is needed finding a site for the coat storage and sorting;
  • The Rotary District Conference is June 1-3 in Burlington VT.
  • Electronic Invitations and thank you notes are available.
  • Diversity Day planning meeting on March 12 at the Savings Institute;
  • Four-Way Test Speech contest at Sidney Frank Center, NFA, March 1 at 2:30.
  • Culture for Coats April30;
  • President Project total now stands at $403.
No missives, postcards nary a billet doux.
Happy Dollars: With Nancy Gentes
  • Paul Blanchard, accompanied by Stephanie LePage, presented a $1,000 check from Overhead Doors and issued a matching challenge, which Manny would later accept. Thank you both!
  • Gary Young welcomed our guests and new inductee and lauded the benefits of a recent energy audit. He will split referrals with the club.
  • Pres. Kathleen welcomed our guests
  • John welcomed our new member.
  • Andy N. issued plaudits for Paul and the Overhead Door contribution. He discussed his ongoing guerrilla war with a colony of bats. Said bats seek hegemony over his domicile and he will not accede.
  • Gary recommended using a net. A stouthearted fellow indeed.
  • Mike Cooney thanked Paul and recounted Matt’s birthday and Happy Sneeze Day. Matt wants to go to Kindergarten. Now. 
  • Barry thanked Paul profusely and congratulated new member John with equal fervor.
  • Manny picked up Paul’s gauntlet and pledged $1,000.
  • Bonnie offered praise for these selfless acts and lamented that the club will now bear the cost of police for the carnival.
  • Nancy explained the purpose of Happy Dollars. She then thanked those who contributed to the cause. 
  • Bonnie returned to the queue and announced that Gary’s invocations have been collected for publication. Most of them are also on YouTube.
None was espied.
 Lottery: with Mary:
  • Paul-No!
  • Jim Daly-Nay!
  • Mike M. Nyet
A collective sigh of grief (or was it relief) rippled through those assembled.
Program: Club Assembly.  
A review of our luncheon options led to a candid conversation about venues, their strengths and weaknesses.
The Four Way Test: All joined in and excelled.