Posted by Bob Reed on Feb 27, 2019
Presiding:  Pres. Mr. Jim Daly
Invocation: Gary Young
Watch Gary HERE
Lord - Some call you when the “Ancient of Days”
You’re the one who is perfect in all ways
You’re always with us-continue to amaze
You are the one who deserves all our praise
You’re with us when we head off to work
In our car when we get behind some jerk
You give us patience when we need it most
When we drop our phone and burn the toast
You teach us how to show others we care
To be truthful, beneficial and always fair
To stand up for what’s right and to never be still
With the goal of always building good will
So let’s take a minute to pray for our nation
For those in charge regardless of station
Every day keep praying and don’t ever cease
And we’ll find a life full of joy and peace
Now let’s give thanks for the usual stuff
For the food and fellowship – always more than enough
And until we get together again
Let’s praise the Lord and say Amen
Fellowship: with  Barry Shead who started out with some President’s Day Trivia. President Taft was the first President own a car and was the only president to also serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to travel outside the United States when he visited Panama. The only 2 Presidents who were impeached by Congress were Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. The only 2 presidents to donate their salary to charity were John F. Kennedy and currently Donald Trump. Franklin Roosevelt was the first president whose mother could vote for him. Gerald Ford was the only president to serve who was never elected to either the VP or the presidency. Barry concluded fellowship with a funny story about his sweater vest.
  • Mary Richardson 3/1
  • John Mancini 3/2
John Mancini - 1 Year
Guests: No Guests
Visiting Rotarians: None
  • Jim Daly had the following announcements:
  • The board has approved the application for membership for SukiLlagrito.
  • Next week’s program will be a St. Patrick’s Day program featuring Jerry Lowney, Marilyn Lowney, Roz Etra and some other special guests preforming some wonderful Irish classics.
  • The club is always looking for speakers. Mary Richardson has done a great job and we are booked through May. Contact Mary if you have an idea for a speaker.
  • The club is taking requests for “Happy Dollars” distributions.
  • The “No Show Gala” is rolling along nicely but is still short of the goal of $10,000, so get your pledges in.
  • President Jim Daly for his Presidential Project wants to help out with the restoration of the WWI Cannon. Pres. Mr. Jim hopes to accumulate $500 to $1,000 from our membership and will have a donation jar at the podium weekly for member donations. Everything large or small would be appreciated.
  • The Bridgeport Rotary Club is celebrating their 100th Anniversary. See Pres. Mr. Jim for details on their celebration if you care to attend.
  • Celebrate Cultural Norwich Committee will meet on March 11th at the Savings Institute 11am.
  • The Golf Committee will meet on March 11th at the Dime Bank. See Gary Young for details.
Happy Dollars: with Mike Gordon
Mike started things off with a dollar to welcome everyone.
Kyle Muenzner finally got his power back after Monday’s windstorm. His cats kept him warm during the outage.
Jim Konrad commented that during his recent trip to Jupiter, Florida he did not run into Robert Kraft.
Mike Cooney gave 6 happy dollars in honor of his son Matt’s 6th birthday. Mat, that morning, reminded him that he will not turn 6 until 10:30.
Mike Matera is happy to be back from Brazil. He said that country is the land of speed bumps and shopping malls.
A donation was made.
  • Mary Richardson
  • Larry Fowler and
  • Mike Matera
...all drew cards to no avail.
Guest Speaker:
At our club assembly, Mike Cooney gave a presentation on the club’s website. Log on to for donating to any Norwich Rotary event.