Posted by Bob Reed on Dec 06, 2017
Presiding:  Kathleen Stauffer
Invocation: Gary Young
Fellowship: with Jim O’Shea.
Jim’s fellowship discussion was about how the first Sherlock Holmes book by Arthur Conan Doyle sold for only 25 British Pounds. The publisher offered Conan -Doyle £25 for the complete copyright. After first having tried to negotiate, he accepted the offer. He never earned more than those £25 on A Study in Scarlet.” What this means is that even though the first Sherlock Holmes adventure ever was reprinted in different formats after 1887, because the entire copyright was sold for £25, Conan-Doyle never saw any royalties. Over 156,000 copies were sold. Jim then told a story of how King Henry I died. It appears that Henry died from eating Lampreys. Lampreys are an eel like fish that have no jaw. The corpse of the King lay a long time above ground, where his entrails, brains and eyes were buried; the rest of his body cut with knives and seasoned with salt to destroy the offensive smell, which was great, and annoyed all who came near it, was wrapped in a bull's skin; and the physician who was engaged for a large sum of money to open his head with a hatchet, and extract the brain.   
Bill Champagne, December 3rd  
Rotarians with Guests:
  • Gary Young brought  Desiree Desilus from our RCC
  • Jim O’Shea with Marissa Miller
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Thanksgiving Happy dollars for the Swartz Manor rendered 109 $25 gift cards.
  • The date for the Rotary to meet at NFA will be December 20th. Stay tuned for details.
  • Members are encouraged to contact Mary Richardson and Kevin Wickless with prospective guest speakers.
  • Rotary is sponsoring 2 tables for this Friday’s Trivial Pursuit Challenge for Madonna Place.
  • The club is seeking host families for the 2018 Rotary Youth Exchange.
  • 4-Way Test Speech Finals are March 3rd at the District Assembly and the winners will be April 7th at the 4 Points Sheraton in Meridan.
  • RYLA, May 11-14 at Camp Hazen.
  • Desiree Desilus of the Rotary Community Corps reported that they participated in the recent Winterfest Parade and will be ringing the bells for the Salvation Army.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Andy Grant:
Andy welcomed Desiree and Marissa and announced that he and his family will be traveling to Utah for skiing.
Gary Young welcomed Desiree and Marissa. He also informed the club that Fellow Rotarian Stan Lucas is recovering from throat surgery.
Kathleen Stauffer gave kudos to Mike Cooney for is skill with the web and social media. Kathleen also commented that it was great to see Manny Kadish.
Barry Shead informed the club that Jay Waitte is recovering from hip surgery.
Bob Farwell is looking forward to a trip to England with his wife to visit her family for the holidays.
Desiree Desilus said that her 13 year old son’s football team is undefeated this season and is raising money to play in the national tournament.
Mary Richardson gave an update on Keith Caplet who will be released from the hospital soon following knee replacement surgery.
Mike Cooney conveyed a story of bringing his kids home from daycare and his daughter singing a made up song “What Comes after One?”  
Larry Fowler auctioned off a box of Belgian Chocolates. Andy Grant was the high bidder at $40.00.
Lottery: hosted by Barry Shead
  • Marissa Miller
  • Desiree Desilus
  • Andy Grant
…drew cards to no avail.
Program: Bob Farwell gave a program on an exciting exhibit coming to Otis Library. Otis Library will host the traveling exhibit “Let Me Be Myself: The Life Story of Anne Frank” from January 3 through January 31, 2018 in the Millie and Martin Shapiro Community Room. Making its United States premiere, the new exhibition discusses the life and struggles of Anne Frank from her birth in 1929 to her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. It then jumps forward to the present, telling stories of young people today. Exhibit visitors get to learn about their individual identities and personal challenges, as well as discover how strangers respond to them. This part of the exhibition emphasizes the role of prejudice and how it can lead to exclusion and even discrimination. “Let Me Be Myself” was developed by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and is sponsored in North America by the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. This exhibit is made possible by a grant from Chelsea Groton Bank and by The Friends of Otis Library.
President Kathleen Stauffer closed the meeting by leading the 4-Way Test.