Posted by Joel Etra on Dec 26, 2018
Presiding: Pres. Mr. Jim
Invocation: Gary. Check out the video: CLICK HERE
Fellowship: with Bob F who claimed that December 30 is National Bicarbonate of Soda (NaHCO3) Day.
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Lottie Scott, 28 years
Rotarians with guests:
Kyle brought girlfriend Jean
Visiting Rotarians:
Announcements:  by Pres. Mr. Jim
  • As usual we are looking for guest speakers. It is not clear how we keep losing them but we continue to search.
  • Bonnie seems better and was able to talk on the phone.
  • Lottie's son passed away. A sympathy card was sent around for signatures.     
  • Mike with a No-show report.
  • Pres. Mr. Jim reminded us about his cannon project.
  • See Kathy if you would like a new name badge.
  • Gary said that the golf tournament will be September 4, 2019.
Happy Dollars: with Barry who is happy that his youngest son Keith is home for a visit from Florida until January 1.
Andrew welcomed Manny back and also welcomed Jean. He enjoyed himself at a Patriots game. He called his dad who told him it was chilly down in Florida at 50°.
Bill is enjoying holiday family activities. He expressed condolences to Lottie on the loss of her son. He got Hamilton tickets from his son for a Christmas present.
Mike C. Said Mat and Katie enjoyed their Christmas presents.
Gary welcomed Manny back. He got gas for $1.05 so he is sharing the wealth with Rotary. He needs some help with his home technology.
Manny has been missing meetings because he has been taking physical therapy for balance. He went on an educational tour in southern Italy which required a great deal of walking. He enjoyed good food and home made wine on the trip.
Stan thanked Gary for regifting some skis for his daughter and son-in-law.
Pres. Mr. Jim told us about Baby Alive, a peeing doll.
None today
Lottery: With Barry
  • Gary
  • Nancy
  • Andrew
…not one winner.
Club Assembly
We are still looking for speakers. A few suggestions came from the members at the meeting.
The Four Way Test: was not led by Pres. Mr. Jim who instead delivered an inspirational quote.
This was not it.
"Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else."