Posted by Bob Reed on Dec 19, 2018
Presiding:  Pres. Mr. Jim Daly
Invocation: Joel Etra
Fellowship: with Jim Konrad who offered a very interesting and entertaining talk on holiday news. Over 102 million people will travel throughout the United States over the holidays. Gas prices have fallen a bit with one state in the south selling gas at $1.73 a gallon. In our area in North Windham there is a gas station selling it at $2.23. There will be 26 million packages delivered throughout the country with a certain percentage being stolen from people’s front porches. Jim followed that statistic with the story: Mark Rober who was a NASA engineer and was tired of getting his packages stolen and he booby trapped a package he left for the criminals for the next time they came to steal something from his front door. It took him 6 months to build. Search You Tube and type in “Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap” and watch all the fun this NASA engineer has getting even with the bad guys.   
Chris Heller – 12/25
Chris Heller – 12/24
Gary Young introduced Roz Etra from the Rotary Community Corps
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Pres. Mr. Jim Daly informed the club that he unfortunately had less than good news about fellow Rotarian Bonnie Hong. Earlier in the week Dr. Ben Hong, Bonnie’s husband, informed Jim that Bonnie was still in the hospital and said that the heart operation did not go well. One bright spot however is that Ben called Barry Shead on Thursday the 20th and put Bonnie on the phone from her hospital bed. Barry said Bonnie was weak but was communicative, so hopefully she can pull off a Christmas miracle. Please keep Bonnie & Ben in your thoughts and prayers and we wish her well for a full recovery.
  • Next week’s program will be a Club Assembly. President Jim asked members to please give the Program Committee (Mary Richardson and Kevin Wickless) suggestions for speakers and they will follow up with contacting them to present to the club.
  • President Mr. Jim presented our Treasurer John Buldoc with a $7,000 check for our part of the proceeds from the 2018 Rotary Golf Tournament.
  • President Mr. im Daly for his Presidential Project wants to help out with the restoration of the WWI Cannon. Jim hopes to raise between $500 to $1,000 from our membership and will have a donation jar at the podium weekly for member donations. Everything large or smaill would be appreciated.
  • President Mr. Jim called on Roz Etra to give an update on what the Rotary Community Corps have been up to lately. Roz reported that the RCC was involved in many community projects and activities and mentioned the Beer Fest at the Mill in Taftville, The Rotary Food Packaging Event, the Winterfest Parade, the Salvation Army Holiday Bell Ringing with the Kettles, sponsoring families Christmas gifts, serving Thanksgiving dinners and other activities. Well done RCC.
  • President Mr. Jim also read some thank you notes from Swartz Manor residents.
Happy Dollars: with Barry Shead
Barry Shead was happy to report that his son Keith was home for the holiday and also gave for Jim Konrad’s very entertaining Fellowship.
Gary Young thanked Roz Etra and the RCC for all their good work. Gary also said to be sure to keep Bonnie Hong in your prayers. Gary also had to have Serv-Pro to one of the out buildings at his house to clean up a really bad water leak.
Kathleen Stauffer gave to President Mr. Jim’s Cannon Fund. She thanked Barry Shead for bringing good vibes to her office and said all the women on the 2nd floor just adore him. She thanked Roz for all the good work with the RCC. Also Kathleen had happy dollars for Jim O’Shea and Jim Konrad.
Kathy Croteau was thankful that an out of control truck just narrowly missed driving into her office.
Rodney Green informed the club that a certain tick bite causes victims to develop a severe allergic reaction to eating meat. There is no cure.
Roz Etra said that Wednesday is the happiest day of the week because Joel has Rotary. She also remembers December 21st 1975, her anniversary, because we got 18” of snow that day.
Mike Gordon gave for the Cannon Project and told a story of his wife Joan’s meeting Mervin Wipple’s wife. Mervin was famous for creating a huge Christmas display of lights on his farm in memory of his son who perished in a terrible accident on the farm.
Mike Cooney gave hopeful dollars in honor of Bonnie and wished her well for a recovery. He also said he is compiling the biographies of all the presidents of the Club from the past 99 years in preparation of the celebration of the club’s centennial.
President Mr. Jim said a monetary donation was made.
Lottery: with Barry Shead.
  • Jim O’Shea
  • John Buldoc
  • Kathy Croteau
…all drew cards to no avail.
Guest Speaker:
Rotarian Bob Farwell enlightened us with the story of one of our founding father, Ben Franklin and his thoughts on the American Bald Eagle being our national bird and not the turkey. The story about Benjamin Franklin wanting the national bird to be a turkey is just a myth. This false story began as a result of a letter Franklin wrote to his daughter criticizing the original eagle design for the Great Seal, saying that it looked more like a turkey. In the letter, Franklin wrote that the “Bald a bird of bad moral character. He does not get his Living honestly…[he] is too lazy to fish for himself.”
About the turkey, Franklin wrote that in comparison to the bald eagle, the turkey is “a much more respectable Bird, and withal a true original native of America...He is besides, though a little vain & silly, a bird of courage.” So although Benjamin Franklin defended the honor of the turkey against the bald eagle, he did not propose its becoming one of America’s most important symbols.