Posted by Joel Etra on Dec 13, 2017
Presiding:  Pres. Kathleen
Invocation:  Barry
Fellowship: Barry talked about the blizzard of ’78, Storm Larry
Rotary Anniversaries
Rotarians with Guests
  • Jose Perez
  • Ellis Disch
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Club members are encouraged to email Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless with the name and contact info of proposed  speakers. Mary or Kevin will follow up directly with all proposed speakers
  • We are looking for host families for potential exchange students.
  • Members are encouraged to think about their own elevator speech – “What is Rotary” to share with friends, colleagues
  • Diversity Day 2018 will be September 17 (Rain date: Sept 24) and there will be a Peace Pole commemoration on September 21.
  • Pres. Kathleen likes the idea of a Holiday party if anyone is interested in planning one
  • The $40 Facilities fee will be continued
  • Date for Rotary at NFA – Looks like some time in January
  • Madonna Place Trivial Pursuit night went well and was a great opportunity for Rotary fellowship. One of our teams even came in second.
  • The 4-Way Test – Speech Finals March 3 and10/ at NFA.
  • The District Assembly and 4 Way Test finals  will be April 7  at the 4-Points Sheraton in Meridan
  • RYLA is May 11-14 At Camp Hazen
  • Next week Mike Rau of the Chelsea Groton Bank will be at our meeting to present a $2500 check, proceeds of a grant obtained by Nancy Gentes and Keith Caplet.
Proposed New Member
The Board of Directors has tentatively approved José Perez for membership. If any current Rotarian knows of a reason why the candidate should not become a member, an objection stating the reason must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors within fourteen (14) days of the date of this posting. E-mail to the President or Secretary may be used. If no objections are filed within that time, the candidate shall be considered elected to membership and a date for formal induction set.
Happy Dollars:  with Mike Gordon
Mike started off with news about his wife Joan fractured her spine in September and is home recuperating after hey stay at Hartford Hospital as well as a rehab facility. He thanked Theresa Madonna who helped secure the right room at that facility. Mike’s son Noah spent the summer in the Namibian desert studying barking geckoes. The family was together here in Norwich for Thanksgiving and will next be traveling to England where Noah will be teaching for a semester. Mike and Joan had a wonderful dinner with Stan who was unable to talk because he was recovering from throat surgery.
Larry had a happy dollar to welcome our speaker Kathy.
Andy G. said Joan was lucky to have Mike for a husband. Also complemented Nancy on her work as chair of the Happy Dollars committee. He finished off with an offer to business owners to help them convert their lighting to LED.
Michel had a dollar for our guest speaker and to let us know that she is back here in the cold weather after a month-long vacation in Mexico and Honduras.
Bill is really cold because he spent all morning in an unheated Tavern. He said he was not at the trivial pursuit tournament because he was playing Clue with his grandson at the Mark Twain house in Hartford. He finished off remembering the storm of 1978.
Barry welcomed Guests Kathy and Ellis. He thanked Gary for his help arranging for the bank to be able to sponsor a family for Thanksgiving. He had words of thanks for Kevin who has done some good work setting up our to Interact clubs. He is also happy to see Stan back.
Pres. Kathleen thanked Kevin for Interact. She welcomed Jose Perez whose membership application was approved by the board today.
Rodney and Lucille went to a show in New York to celebrate her birthday where they experience some New York style prices at some restaurants.
Mike C. Was sad to announce the untimely death of his friend Justin who was killed in a car crash in Middletown at the age of 30.
Gary was singing Old  Man River when his voice got stuck.
Laura welcomed Kathy Alan and recognized Michel for an act of kindness.
Mike Gordon got $40  for a bottle of wine, a Wickless calendar , and two packs of ARC cookies from Andy G.
Lottery: with Barry
  • Rodney
  • Laura
  • Andy G.
All three tried valiantly but went down in ignominy.
Kathy Allen from TRFP
Pres.-elect Jim led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.