Posted by Bob Farwell on Aug 09, 2017
(Disclaimer: Your reporter arrived for Wednesday’s meeting oblivious to his status as recorder of meeting events. In a state of confusion, his lack of preparedness is reflected in the execrable quality of his notes. He begs your forgiveness for all errors, including, but not limited to omissions, misspellings and unintentional references to out of body experiences or road trips taken during the years 1968-1975, which he is only now beginning to remember. )
Presiding: President Kathleen
Invocation: Rodney
Fellowship: by Laura, who reported on 15 things we do that are rude. Many heads were bowed.
  • Jim O’Shea
  • Tom Adams
  • Jess W.
Rotarian Anniversaries: None reported
Rotarians with guests: Alas, none was espied.
Visiting Rotarians:  
  • Fred Allyn from Ledyard
  • Cal Lord of the Westerly, RI Club
Huzzahs and applause ensued. Please remove your used huzzas by next meeting or they will be discarded.
Announcementsby President Kathleen.
  • The District Governor visits on 08.16. All members are encouraged to attend.
  • Celebrate Diversity Committee meets at the Savings Institute every Monday until the eventat 2:00 p.m.
  • Apropos of Celebrate Diversity, the Peace Poles will be installed the day prior to that event (09.19.2017.)
  • Increases in dues and facility fees received due attention, reported on the budget work she has done with John, Kyle, and Jim Daly. The club is losing $80 per member per year.  Dues will be raised by $40 per person per year and a facility charge of $40 per person will be added to membership billing. By October, the Facilities Committee will report on options for future meetings, including locations and fees.
  • The Golf Tournament Committee will meet on Monday at 5:30 at Dime Bank’s Offices on Salem Turnpike.
  • Kevin Wickless reported that the Colchester Club seeks volunteers to sell pierogi, also known as varenyky, kreplach, and dim sum which are filled dumplings of Central and Eastern European origin. These are not to be confused with pirogues, which are small boats without stuffing.
Correspondence: None mentioned
Presentation:  None made
Service person of the Month: Nope.
Happy Dollars: With Jen Granger.  Jen announced the UCFS Community Breakfast, scheduled for August 14 at NasKart, encouraged members to participate in UCFS’S on line survey, and invited all to their annual event on September 15, at 5:30, at American Wharf.
Kevin W. offered kudos to President Kathleen and welcomed Cal Lord.
Gary said something while your reporter was recalling one of his trips.
Mike C. recounted a series of unfortunate events while visiting Story Land and the sudden appearance of Katie in a new set of clothes.
Bonnie insisted that Jim Smith must be asked for a membership, wished happy birthday to those who qualified, praised the quality of  the recent photographs taken of her and thanked Overhead Door for supporting Bully Busters friendship benches.
Barry recounted the purchase of a new firearm and an oddly timed discussion he had with his wife about hastening the afterlife.
Lottie thanked Mike C. for his story and encouraged club members to see the film Detroit that she found powerful and distressing.
Andy N. announced the arrival of his Patriots tickets and enthused over the Pat’s new team 767 jets.
Bill C. effused over the fine weather, his 47 years as a Bulletin subscriber and the quality of Cal Lord’s weekly columns.
Andy G. had kind words for former President Kevin and Jim O’Shea described his good time at Myrtle Beach with his family.
Jim O'Shea huh? What he said?
President Kathleen was pleased to have her brother and family visiting, and the ARC’s good fortune in raising funds for the purchase and installation of a new industrial quality convection oven. Special thanks to Ken Capano for pledging help with the installation.
Manny enjoyed his dinner with the heads of Cardiology at Windham Hospital and recalled a 2012 medical article set to Gilbert and Sullivan.
Past president Kevin offered a bobble-head doll and 4 CT. Tiger’s tickets. After heated bidding, Bonnie emerged the winner at $30.
Lottery: with Bill C. (I think.)
  • Gary Y. No!
  • Bonnie No!
  • Lottie No! 
Secret joy disguised as acerbic murmurs and imprecations wafted o’er the crowd. 
Cal Lord described his recent mission trip with the American Baptist Church to New Orleans and their work in the Lower 9th Ward. This was the site of enormous damage during Hurricane Katrina. He noted that this was his 10th mission trip, how he was inspired by Jerry Lowney’s work in Haiti, and the strong Rotary presence among the group traveling to New Orleans. A church hall was rebuilt and strong ties developed with the community. The next such trip will be to the Dominican Republic in the spring of 2018.
The Four Way Test: was led by Fred Allyn, jr. and everyone passed!