Posted by Bob Reed on Aug 23, 2017
Say it ain't so, Bob
Presiding: President Kathleen Stauffer
Invocation: Barry Shead
Fellowship: Bob Farwell who received a letter from his cousin about family history and suggested that there are some things about family members that might be better left alone. Bob recommended reading W.P. Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe.
  • Jay Waitte-8/25
  • Jay Gindsberg-8/20
John Bulduc – 16 Years
 Joel Etra was accompanied by Roz Etra
Visiting Rotarians:
  • President Kathleen Stauffer reminded us that the District Governor will be visiting the club on August 30th.
  • The Celebrate Diversity event committee’s next meeting will be August 28th at the “Barry’s Bank” Savings Institute. 
  • Club members are encouraged to give any speaker ideas to Mary Richardson or Kevin Wickless.
  • Golf Tournament will take place on September 6th.
  • The Celebrate Diversity Event will take place on September 19th.
  • Rotary Amber Alert will be at NFA for the Healthy Living Expo. See Mike Matera for details.
Happy Dollars: Hosted by Jen Granger:
Jen started things off saying her parents will be visiting for 4 days to see her new house. Gen also has been enjoying Yoga classes.
Gary Young commented on being a Senior Citizen and forgetting his Rotary name badge at home - $3.00 . Gary also gave $5.00 for the Golf Tournament.
Bill Champagne for Lottie Scott and the upcoming Rotary Diversity event. Bill also attend the rally at City Hall the night before and was pleased to see Rotarians in attendance.
Kyle Muenzner informed the club his old cat and new kitten are now learning to get along.
Laura Hobart injured her hand trying to open the trash dumpster at her condo. No fun at the ER. A new side opening dumpster will soon be on location for easier access.
Barry Shead attended the Chamber’s Ambassador’s picnic at Gary Young’s and received a call from his wife that there was a snake in their bedroom. Needless to say Barry had to make a quick exit from the picnic and remove said snake from his bedroom.
Mike Cooney took his kids for ice cream in Moosup and they not only got ice cream but balloon animals as well. Unfortunately his son Matt deflated his animal and was not a happy camper. Matt is also learning to read.
Mike Matera took a vacation and took his boat up the Connecticut River and his 4 year old son steered the boat quite nicely. Mike also told a tale of him and his childhood friend jumping off a bridge like they used to do as kids to his 4 year old’s delight.
Mike Gordon said his son Noah drove to an area where he could witness this week’s eclipse with 100% totality.
Michele Scott had sad dollars on the passing of one grandmother and another suffering from dementia. Also her fiancé purchased a new home and is taking her on a trip to Mexico for 2 weeks in November.
Kathleen Stauffer gave dollars for a hat.
Roz Etra gave for the warm welcome she always receives when visiting the club and for Wednesdays as Joel is always a happy guy because it’s Rotary Day.
Andy Grant gave to invite anyone to watch him, Stan Lucas and Gary Young play tennis in Lebanon. 
AuctionKyle Muenzner auctioned for Jessie Wenzel a couple of 6 packs of Outer Light Beer. Kyle bid himself and took home the beer for $25.00.
Lottery  with Mary Richardson.  
  • Many Kadish,
  • Barry Shead and
  • Roz Etra
...drew cards to no avail . The Ace of Spades will wait another week.
Kathleen Stauffer introduced Kathy Greene from The Light House. The Light House has been responding to the needs of the individuals it serves since the organization’s inception in 1992. Kathy Greene, Executive Director, opened a private special education school in the community because she – as well as parents, therapists and educators – recognized the importance of a community-based program where students of all differences would learn through real life experiences and opportunities. Decades later, we still employ this model to ensure success for all learners. The Light House’s journey began in 1992 with one student and a dedicated group of individuals determined to educate and prepare students for life through a variety of innovative, creative, outside the box techniques while incorporating choice, initiative and therapies. The team realized the importance of developing opportunities to apply and demonstrate the skills learned outside of the day. This led to the creation of evening social programs. The evening social programs quickly grew and expanded to address and meet the needs of a variety of age groups, skills and abilities.
She said that as the day program began to grow, we recognized that some individuals needed a longer, structured school day to work on areas of life including social, leisure, pre-employment, self-advocacy, community access and independent living skills. Students from surrounding districts began attending our extended day programs.
The Light House continued to grow and restructure to offer specialized, individual programs. Expansions included residential programs, social programs and additional school sites.
Today, the Light House continues to offer individualized programs for individuals with unique needs, skills and differences. All of our programs integrate community access, learning, independent living and strive to prepare individuals for the next critical step of their life. Programs are categorized through our campuses which include the learning campus, life campus and community campus.
For more information go to:
President Kathleen Stauffer closed the meeting reciting the 4 Way Test.