Posted by Bob Farwell on Aug 22, 2018
Presiding: Michael Cooney, Esq.
Invocation: Keith Caplet
Fellowship: with Ray who spoke eloquently of life changes, most of which we’d rather avoid but won’t. A sample will suffice: Where once we thought of “procuring seeds” we now think of procuring roughage. Sigh.
  • Jay Waitte
  • Jay Ginsburg
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Alas, an intense search revealed none.
Rotarians with guests:
None sighted.
Visiting Rotarians:
A check of the parking lot and adjacent shrubbery proved fruitless.
Announcementsby Mike C.
  • Silence all cell phones or risk permanent exile to a Captain and Tennille concert. 
  • The next Diversity Committee meeting is Monday at the Savings Institute.
  • All are invited to submit nominations for guest speakers.  We are looking for a trephining demonstration.
  • Happy dollars funds are available for those in need.
  • Contact Jen Granger for information on the next food packing event.
Happy Dollars: With Nancy Gentes.
Nancy thanked Ray for a good-humored fellowship;
Gary Young reminded those assembled of the impending golf tournament.
Suzy Hurlbut is thankful for finding the strength to help a friend with a serious problem.
Barry enjoyed Ray’s fellowship and applauded Gary Young’s contributions to the Chamber of Commerce.
Jim O’Shea spoke with pride of his son Evan’s work on a satellite;
Mike Cooney described with gusto the sale of the family condo and the quality of the transaction. 
Bob F. described the forthcoming program at Otis Library featuring human rights activist Bina Nephram.
No auction today. A crestfallen audience expressed its disappointment by rhythmically banging mozzarella sticks on the tables.  
 Lottery: with Jay Ginsburg and friends. Emotions ran high and several baleful glares were noted as
  • Suzy Hurlbut
  • Tom Adams and one of our guests,
  • Teddy
failed to pick the winning card.
There were murmurs of disbelief but no blasphemes were recorded.
Program: Linda Wilkinson introduced the club to Chikumbuso, a grassroots project in Ng’ombe, Zambia, which provides an enhanced life  to the most vulnerable women and children in the township. Chikumbuso provides free schooling for the children, as well as adult training and capacity building, income generating activities and community building programs. The word “chikumbuso” means "Remembrance”. Remember those who have died, remember where we have come from, and remember to do for others. Two beneficiaries of the project, Aaron and Teddy, described the impact of Chikumbuso on their lives and the lives of their families. Both young men will be attending Three Rivers Community College in the fall.
The Four Way Test: Marie Osborne offered a flawless recitation, punctuated by gasps of awe and adulation from the audience.