Posted by Laura Hobart on Aug 02, 2017
Unexpected guest this week
Presiding:  President Kathleen
Invocation:  Larry
Fellowship:  Nancy with the origins of familiar phrases
Rotary Anniversaries:
Rotarians with Guests
Mike brought Matt

Visiting Rotarians:
  • Next Week’s speaker will be Cal Lord.
  • District Governor Trish Pearson will visit August 16th.
  • Please contact Mary or Kevin with proposed guest speakers.
  • The golf tournament will be held on September 6th
  • Kyle is working on the bourbon tasting.
  • Bonnie said four peace poles have been ordered.  31 Norwich languages will be represented.
  • $200 has been donated for bus fares.  Abby Doliver will report on the use of these donations.
  • Pres. Kathleen reported on the budget work she has done with John, Kyle, and Jim Daly.  The bottom line is that the club is losing $80 per member per year.  Dues will be raised by $40 per person per year and a facility charge of $40 per person per year will be added to membership billing.  After taking questions, Kathleen said that the Board would approve these increases at its meeting on August 9th.  Research is being done to find other meeting venues.
Happy Dollars:  with Jen who gave for our visiting goldfinch, for Matt and for her parents who drove back to CT from Florida. 
Gary for Pres. Kathleen’s bus fare project and for the $239 that members put in the hat for golf tournament prizes last week.
Mike Gordon enjoyed a visit from Noah, his daughter in law, and his seven-year-old grandson who spent time with them in the Berkshires last week.
Andrew is grateful for John, Kathleen, Kyle and Jim for their hard work on the budget.  Patriot tickets should arrive soon.
Larry was impressed by  “the catch” during the Red Sox game.
Bonnie liked the goldfinch and Kyle’s tie and is excited about her trip with Ben in 20 days to Kentucky to see the eclipse.
Kathleen found a message from a woman who lost a loved one which was in a bottle that she found while kayaking. 
Andy gave for the golf tournament, for Mike Matera and LED lights.
Mike Cooney gave for Matt who said “hi” to all and for their trip to New Hampshire.
Mike Matera gave for his Vegan (sic) trip to buy toys for the Tommy Toy Fund.  He came in under budget.  Mike will be going to Six Flags tomorrow with Jonathan.
Kyle auctioned off a bottle of wine and gift certificate for a wine tasting for two donated by Michelle.  Bonnie was the high bidder at $60.
Lottery:  with Mary
  • Bill
  • Jesse or nor
  • Joel
…found the ace.
Jen gave us an overview of UCFS’s history and current health and human services which are provided across lifespans.  We are very fortunate to have UCFS and Jen in Norwich and our surrounding communities that total 900 square miles in Eastern CT. 
Kathleen led us in the Four-Way Test to close our meeting.